Topic: What did Sheikh Mohamed bazmool Say about Halabi & his friends

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  What did Sheikh Mohamed bazmool Say about Halabi & his friends

This is what Sheikh Mohamed Bazmol ıMay Allah protect him- said 6 years ago in his meeting with a group or Libyan on 29 December 2002:
ıThe way those brothers are taking (Ali Al Halabi & Salim Al Hilali) it is inappropriate, we did not think that this would be their reaction, I wished that they would present them selves as for what they are students not scholars, however, they made them selves scholars so they became head to head with the high scholars, if we look at it age wise Sheikh Rabee is a lot older then Sheikh Salim, he is 30 years older, that is a very high level, and Sheikh Rabee is one of the high scholars, if it wasnıt for him and his effort in the Daıwa & his teaching, how he stood up with some of the other scholars aginst innovators, he has lifted the obligatory part of defending the religion off the other scholars.
I say: it was obligatory on Sheikh Salim & Sheikh Ali to follow the high scholars, not to take place in any feuds between then especially in these issues.
They should have raise the youth & teach them to follow the high scholars, and teach them to be more concerned about the knowledge.
So I truly do not accept what they have said or what they have been saying, and it is like they are trying to start a new high scholar group there to against the board of high scholars in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia
And this is not right.ı
Written by
Ahmed bin Omar bin Salem Bazmol

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