Topic: Ali Hasan al-Halabi's False Principles at Manhaj.Com    -- 13-10-2010 @ 10:37 PM

A page has been set up at dedicated to the falsehoods of al-Halabi - the khalifah of al-Ma'ribi in waving the flag of Hasan al-Banna to a Salafi audience. Al-Halabi and al-Ma'ribee have supporters, defenders and aiders in the West who have been operating upon these principles over the years.

The False Principles of Ali Hasan al-Halabi

From his main principles: To distinguish between aqidah and manhaj in a way so as to accommodate the innovators; to require ijmaa' upon tabdee' before taking a stance; reviving the bid'ah of al-muwazanah; rewording Hasan al-Banna's principle into "We do not make our difference regarding those besides us to be a cause of difference between us"; and what is more than this... In reality, al-Halabi has just repackaged the refuse of al-Ar'oor (we correct and do not disparage) and al-Ma'ribi (the vast manhaj, tathabbut etc.) under the label of "The Salafi Manhaj" - same innovations, different spokesman, different packaging.


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