Topic: Was Ibn Al Qayyim a Wahabi?

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Was Ibn Al Qayyim a Wahabi?

The Sheik, may ALLAH preserve him said,

This is from the strangest things. What is meant by Wahabi, a connection to Sheik Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab, Ibn Al Qayyim passed away in the year 751 (H) Imam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab was born in the year 1115 (H) !

This is the affair of the ignorant person; the one that you will find viewing anyone who is on the correct minhaj and on the straight path to be a Wahabi; even if they lived a long period of time before (Imam Muhammad Abdul Wahab).

And Wahabiya is not a new course of action or new minhaj, or new creed or new sect.

Rather, Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab, may ALLAH have mercy upon him, did not come with anything new, and he did not come with a new minhaj, and he came with what the Salafi of the nation were upon.
Reviving that which had been extinguished, and supporting the book and the Sunna and that which the Salaf of this nation were upon. Therefore the thing that he came with is following the Sunna and treading upon the path of the Salaf of this nation, not something new.
Unlike these new minhajs that have been invented; and they have particular minhajs and particular paths.
Rather it only revitalizing the Sunna, and manifesting the Sunna and holding firm to the book and the Sunna; therefore he did not come with anything new.
That which Sheik Muhammad (Ibn Abdul Wahab) came with is that which Ibn Al Qayyim and Ibn Taimiya came with, that which the four Imams came with, which is what the Companions came with, like this.

Fatwa by Sheik Abdul Mushin Al Abaad
Translated by Rasheed Barbee


Source: the explanation of the sunan of Abi Dawud
Tape 205, At the 53 minute mark

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