Topic: Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni

ilyas.abu.ameenah    -- 06-04-2010 @ 6:33 PM
  As salam alaykum,

I need Information regarding the Author of the Book "Donýt be Sad" By Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni.

Did the Scholars refute him?

What did the Scholars wrote or spoke about him, barakallahu feekum.

Yaqoob    -- 06-04-2010 @ 11:21 PM
  - What's the use of highlighting the faults of the Shia - Aaidh al-Qarni - Article of him supporting shia and sunni being brothers

[url=]Salman al-Awdah, Aa'id al-Qarnee, Habib Ali al-Jifree and Amr Khalid: The Ikhwani Bannaawi Manhaj in Practice[/url] - Has pictures of him lecturing with a grave-worshiping Sofi, and with Salman al-Awdah and Amr Khalid

[url=]Aa'id al-Qarnee: Remove the Fuse of The Fitnah Between the Sunnah and the Shiah[/url] - Article from spubs on him talking about not refuting shia

[url=]تحديث الصفحة  تجريم الكراهية دعوة مشبوه تولى كبرها الرافضة والليبراليون والعودة والقرني والعوضي[/url] - Talking about same thing as in above link

Sajid_R    -- 07-04-2010 @ 8:38 AM
  I think he has been refuted by Shaykh 'Ubayd Al-Jaabiree: . I had to post the Cached version of the link since the original wasn't working. Excerpt from the post by brother abdulilah: "The sheikh [Shaykh Muhammad 'Abd Ul-Wahhab Al-Banna] had a set of tapes in his hands 1 of them was sheikh Obayd al Jabri's refutation of Aa'id al Qarni and the other three were from Sheikh Sultan 'Eed on the suicide bombings."

But, I don't know the contect of the refutation myself though.  

zejd.peqin    -- 07-04-2010 @ 2:45 PM
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