Topic: Ahlul-Bid'ah's Hatred Over Centuries

AbuKhadeejahSP    -- 18-01-2003 @ 12:00 AM
Ahlul-Bid'ah Hate The People Of Hadeeth In Every Time

Read This:

Abu Usaamah as-Salafee writes:
In Aden one of them, and he is an Imaam of a Masjid amongst those who make allegiance with Abul Hasan al-Ma'ribee, he said, "Our Prophet is Muhammad, and your Prophet is Rabee'". We ask Allaah for pardon.

Now Read The Following Which Occured Over 1,000 Years Ago!!:

Adh-Dhahabee said in as-Siyar (11/305): Al-Khallaal said, "We were put to trial by an ignorant people who think that they are Scholars. So when we mentioned the virtues of Abu Abdullaah (Imaam Ahmad), envy led them, up until some of them said, from that which a reliable person narrated to me from him, "Ahmad bin Hanbal is their Prophet"."

الله أكبر (ْ تَشَابَهَتْ قُلُوبُهُمْ)

في عدن قال بعضهم وهو إمام مسجد من الموالين لآبي الحسن المأربي قال :نحن نبينا محمد وأنتم نبيكم ربيع (نسأل الله العافية )
قال الذهبي في السير ج11ص305
قال الخلال :بلينا بقوم جهال,يظنون انهم علماء . فإذا ذكرنا فضائل أبي عبد الله ,يخرجهم الحسد ,ألي أن قال بعضهم فيما أخبرني ثقة عنه :أحمد بن حنبل نبيهم . أنتها كلامه رحمه الله

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abusalmaan    -- 27-01-2003 @ 12:00 AM
  أحسنت يا أبا خديجة أحسنت

Alaah has clearly showed us the state of such a people! now if we look to the Istinbaat of the Noble shaikh Fawzaan حفظه الله  of the following aayaat we will clearly see that these people have no refuge! With regards to the people of Bid'a and hawaa the shaikh qouted the ayaahs from surah Mursalaat when Allaah the Most High says:

لأ لم نهلك الأولين ثم نتبعهم الآخرين كذاك نفعل نالمجرمين

Translated meaning : Did we not destroy the ancients? Then we made later generations follow them, thus do we deal with the Mujrimoon.

أبو سلمان النمري

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