Topic: Salafi Dawah in Spain - Contacted Wanted

nm-questions    -- 19-07-2003 @ 8:38 PM

bismillaahi arrahmani arrahim

assalamu 'alaikum

i hope that you have time to read this message and what wake up your interest inshaallaah

if you know anyone with knowledge who can talk with me about neglected situation of dawaa salafiyaa in spanish please help me to contact with he , djazakallaahu jair

si conoces alguien con conocimiento que pueda hablar conmigo sobre la situacion de abandono en que se encuentra la dawaa salafiyyaa en espaņol porfavor ayudame a contactar con el , djazakallaahu jair


If anybody wants to contact this brother by email, please send us an email at , or if you can help, reply to this post.

zejd.peqin    -- 04-01-2011 @ 4:13 PM
  Topic: Are there salafis in Spain?

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