Topic: Treating your wife as a friend?

abdulmalikmuhammad    -- 02-07-2006 @ 2:14 PM
  I'm not that knowledgable I must, and I admit that I don't know anything so help me.

Could being to friendly with your spouse be a fitnah in your household, I mean because you still have to be the 'maintainer' and you still have to lead her in prayer.  But can being to playful or to friendly with your wife prevent you from doing such.  Is there any sort of text that states how a man should be with his spouse personality wise.  I'm trying not to be a robot, but I just want to be a better husband you know?  Can anybody help me.

Thank you very much.

AbaBakr    -- 30-10-2008 @ 6:35 PM
  Akhee the Messenger of Allah Sallah Allahu 'Alyhe wa Sallam used to be playful with his wives; he used to joke with them.  There are several authentic narrations regarding this, from them is when he -sallah Allahu 'Alyhe wa Sallam - had a foot-race with A'isha (Radia Allahu 'Anha).  

There's also another narration that says that the abundance of laughter kills the heart.  Ahlul 'ilm have said that the definition of 'hikmah' or wisdom, is putting things in their proper places, at the proper time.  There's a place and time to be playful just as there's a time and place to be serious; it all depends on the situation.  There are things that a husband can joke about with his wife and others that Muslims should never take lightly, like shirk, or anything pertaining to the worship of Allah whether that worship is from those things that a person should leave off  or from those which a person should practice.

Your actions should 'condition' your wife to take the deen seriously and have love and fear of Allah.  At the same time your house shouldn't be like a court room.

I'm just giving you sincere advice as my brother; my 'ilm is very minimal compared to the brothers here, and since I fear for your household as my brother, I only seek to advise you.  If you want a fatwa regarding this, ask one of the students to ask the people of knowledge.

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