Topic: New Book: Proof from the Gospel that Jesus is not divine

rasheed.b    -- 09-11-2010 @ 7:07 PM
Soon to be released book inshaAllah

Proofs from the Christian gospel that Jesus peace be upon him is from the servants of Allah and he has no portion of divinity.

Written by

The Professor, Doctor Muhammad Taqi Deen Al Hilaali

Professor from the Islamic University of Medina

May Allah have mercy upon him

Notes by: The Noble Scholar Sheikh Rabee ibn Haadee Al Madhkhalee

Sheikh Rabee has given permission to the translator to translate and release this book

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Abu.Naim.Khalil    -- 17-04-2011 @ 7:03 PM
  Release Date April 24th 2011 InshaAllah

Abu Na'im Khalil

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