Maryama    -- 04-08-2009 @ 1:35 PM
  aslaamu aleykum,

the other day i was at home and my family got out family photos and i asked my sister in law if you see any pictures of me cut it up. she said its for memory but i said i dont need them, but then my mum looked at me and said its not ur money nor is it ur pictures. i got up and walked away. i feel as if i cant even talk to my family properly about deen and other things. they just throw everything back i say or do.
what should i do
i feel trapped as if i cant do anything. ofcoz my family are muslims but they dont seek much knowledge to much and that is stopping me alot.

coz i heard what will happen to those who take pictures. i have already cut up and deleted some personal picture of my self but i dont no what to do with the baby pictures. if any out there has so advise then plz

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