Topic: Lies

ıııı    -- 03-06-2009 @ 2:03 AM

Insha'Allah all is well and in the highest of Eeman?

I have a question that is playing on a sisters mind. Insha'Allah someone will be able to help?

This sister's father has a problem with her working in a Islamic environment, as in she works in a Islamic bookshop.

She has tried explaining to him why it is good to work in an Islamic environment but he doesn't care, and wants her to work in a kuffar environment.
I was wondering what I can advice the Sister? She is very upset with this matter, and I don't think she should lie to her father, as that is haram, but if there is anyway of her dealing with this problem?

Jazakllahwa Khair for any help Insha'Allah Ta'aala.

Walaikum Salaam


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