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sister_f    -- 15-12-2008 @ 2:29 PM
  Salaam, i am in urgent need of some advise regarding a rather complicated situation. Is there anyone I can talk to specifically or is the only option to post my problem here?

BintYaqub    -- 16-12-2008 @ 1:56 AM
  Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullaah my dear sis,

InshaAllaah I'm here if you would like to talk with a sister.

Umm Abdullaah Bint Yaqub

sister_f    -- 16-12-2008 @ 1:32 PM
  JazakhAllah for the quick response.
Well, i just don't know where to go from here, and how to handle this situation. Basically, i will soon become an aunt. However, the mother of my nephew to be is non-muslim. The mother and father of this child are not together but the father wants to play a part in his sons life. I would like an islamic perspective on this. Is it islamically correct for the father to carry on with this? What about my role, as an aunt, should i also be involved?  

sister_f    -- 19-01-2009 @ 2:03 PM
  Salaam, is there anyone who can advise me on this matter?

sister_f    -- 15-06-2009 @ 2:22 AM
I am in desperate need of some advise regarding this matter. If anyone could please get back to me.


ummulwallad    -- 30-07-2009 @ 2:08 AM
  Asalam u alkium its been a while i havnt been on here but i have an old fatwah regarding this if it is not to late then please feel free to contact me sis

May Allah forgive us all ameen

sister_f    -- 31-07-2009 @ 5:57 AM
  JazakAllah, that will be fantastic. If you could possibly post it here as a link, or however else you'd prefer.


ummulwallad    -- 03-08-2009 @ 6:16 AM
  Walalkium salam i will post it on here i need to write it down so i can post it for you as my x husband asked shaikh muqbil when he was alive may allah have mercey on his soul ameen about his child from pre islam and well il get the fatwa for you instead of putting little bit on her have sabah with me as i dont use internet a lot.....

May Allah forgive us all ameen

sister_f    -- 24-08-2009 @ 5:37 PM
  Not a problem at all, take your time inshaAllah. Hope to hear from you soon.

sister_f    -- 25-09-2009 @ 1:21 AM
  Assalaualaikum, just wondered if you had found that fatwa relating to my matter. Understand that you're having difficulties with the internet, so no rush at all...please take your time. Haven't heard from you in a while so thought i'd see how you're getting on.

JazakAllah for all your efforts.

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