Topic: Want to be part of salafi community in West

abdul-moqueet.murad    -- 17-11-2003 @ 4:22 PM
Dear brothers,

I am a salafi who was born and raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and am presently a computer science graduate, hamdulillaah, having obtained my degree from a university following the American system in my native land which is sadly also a land of shirk and innovation, Bangladesh. I also attended an American school in KSA uptil junior high and then due to educational reasons, attended an english medium school run by so-called Islamists (possibly Qutubis). Hence, I was a Qutubi for some time. Recently, after entering university, I came across on the Internet and I immediately became salafi. I am grateful to Allaah that I got the opportunity to join this blessed forum and hence communicate with a somewhat international community of salafis. At present, I am planning for religious and worldly reasons to continue my education in the West. I would be grateful if a brother could give me some idea of the distribution of salafi communities in the States and Canada.


Murad Abdul Moqueet  Text


abdul-moqueet.murad    -- 18-11-2003 @ 3:51 PM

I am very grateful to brother Abu Yusuf. I will definitely take your advice. Jazaak-Allaahu-Khairun.

Murad Abdul Moqueet


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