Topic: What is the ruling concerning one who is seeking marriage and has an STD?

abulqayyim    -- 11-05-2003 @ 12:00 AM
  as salaamu alaikum

what is the ruling concerning one who has an STD (sexually transmitted disease) and is seeking to get married?  

this question is in relation to a specific situation which is as follows: a brother wants to get married, but he has an STD, and he has sat with a sister in whom he is interested, and he informed her that he has the disease, and she is still interested in marrying him.  is it allowed for them to get married?  this particular brother had told me that he was told that he couldn't marry her, so i told him that i would seek a knowledge based answer for him, so if any of the du'aat and the tulaabul 'ilm can provide some insight for this brother, it would be greatly appreciated baarakallaahu feekum jamee'an

Abul-Qayyim Faheem ibn Talut Lea  

Ahmad.Assing    -- 11-05-2003 @ 3:07 PM
  as salaamu 'alaykum

Inshaa' Allaah the answer to this and similiar questions can be found on the CD lectures done by Shaykh Fawzee al-Atharee "Minhaajus-Saalikeen Of Imaam as-Sa?dee Series, Issues of Tallaq, Khula?, Ilyaa & Li?aan"

This set is currectly available at

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