Topic: Do not prefer Kafir workers over Muslim workers

sajid_chauhan_81    -- 15-04-2009 @ 1:43 AM
  Q 174: Dear shaykh, the questioner is making a comparison between Muslim and non-Muslim workers claiming that non-Muslims workers are honest and he can trust them. Their demands are few and they complete their tasks successfully. As for Muslim workers, they are the exact opposite. What is your opinion, dear respected shaykh?

A: Those to whom you are referring are not true Muslims, but those who merely profess Islam. True Muslims are worthier and more apt to possess these qualities. They are more trustworthy and truthful than non-Muslims. What you are claiming is improper and you should not say this. Kafir (non-Muslims) workers deal with you truthfully and honestly to achieve their goals. They wish to gain the money that should go to Muslims. They serve their own best interests. Kafir workers do not treat you honestly for your sake, but to achieve their goal of gaining your money and so that you may prefer to employ them.

It is a duty on you not to hire anyone except good Muslims, and in cases where Muslims are not straightforward you should advise and guide them, or else send them back to their countries and hire others. You may require the agency providing you with workers to choose good people known for their honesty, who observe Salah (Prayer) and are upright. The agency should not hire just anyone, especially when so many Kafirs claim to be Muslims while in reality they are Munafiqs (those who pretend Islam while they hide Kufr). Employers like you should seek to hire only good people and not be deceived by Kafir workers who pretend to be honest, truthful, and the like, to make you prefer them. You should not be deceived by that while your Muslim brothers are worthier of serving you and benefiting from the money you pay them. When they do not fulfill their duties, you should direct them, teach them, and monitor them until they straighten up.

Undoubtedly, this is a ploy of Satan to deceive you into thinking that Kafir workers are better and more honest than Muslims, because preferring Kafirs to work for you is a great evil. That is why Satan makes it appear advantageous to prefer non-Muslims to Muslims, leaving them with Kafir workers who desire the life of this world and not the Hereafter. There is neither might nor power except with Allah.

I was also informed that some employers complain that Muslim workers interrupt their work by offering Salah, while non-Muslims do not and can do more work. This claim is similar to the previous one. It is a great affliction when Muslims are faulted for praying and non-Muslims are hired because they do not. Where is Iman (faith)? Where is piety? Where is the fear of Allah? How can anyone criticize his Muslim brother for offering Salah? We ask Allah to grant us safety and well-being!

- Shaykh Ibn Baz rahimahullah

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