Umm.Eeasa.Beg    -- 25-08-2003 @ 7:50 PM
  Asalamu aleykum
I wanted to know if anyone had information on the evil eye.  
How can it effect someone?  Who does it and why?  Is it related to black magic?  Is it the same thing as the urdu/punjabi word of 'nazar'?  
In asian socieity there is an understanding that the evil eye can be potent in effect and can effect children.  I used to think that this was an 'old wives tale' but Ive heard that it does exist and can have dire effects.
Can anyone shed any light?
JazakAllahu khayr
wasalamu aleykum
umm eeasa

umm.ali    -- 20-09-2003 @ 1:24 PM
    As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

From is a new audio update from Aboo Tasneem Daawood Adeeb al-Atharee entitled: You Can't See Can Hurt You -The Jinn, Magic, and the Evil Eye

Umm.Eeasa.Beg    -- 21-09-2003 @ 7:09 PM
  Asalamu aleykum wa rahmatullah
JazakAllahu khayrun for informing me of this.
It was a very informative khutbah.  MUCH BENEFIT DERVIED- YOU MUST LISTEN TO IT INSHA'ALLAH!
SubhanAllah I didn?t think that the effects of that aspect of the ghayb were so dangerous. I seek refuge in Allah from all the evils of the ghayb.
I have a question that I would need answered so anyone from troid or sister or anyone else:
The brother who did the Khutbah- Aboo Tasneem Daawood Adeeb al-Atharee talked of Iblees towards the end.  He said that Shaytaan commends the jinn who causes a man to be separated from his wife and that when this happens ?Ibless was near that person- that jinn and embraces that jinn.?
Does ?that person? literally mean the human being- for example the husband or wife?
If so this means that the jinn the jinn possessed that person and does the jinn always possess or does their evil come in other forms?
Wasalamu aleykum
umm eeasa.

zamaneen    -- 21-09-2003 @ 10:29 PM

The evidence from the Qura?n pertaining to the evil eye:

Allaah The Most High said:

And he (Yaqoob) said: ?O my sons! Do not enter by one gate, but enter by different gates, and I cannot avail you against Allaah at all. Verily the decision rests only with Allah, in Him I put my trust and let all those that trust, put their trust in Him.?
[Yusuf: 67]

Ibn Katheer in his tafseer to the above Ayah stated: Allaah said concerning Yaqoob alayhi as salaam that he ordered his sons when he prepared them to go with their brother Benyamin to Misr that they all should not enter by one gate rather they each should enter by different gates because he feared for them the evil eye as explained by ibn Abbas, Muhammad bin Ka?b, Mujaahid, ad Dhahak , Qatadah, as Suddiy  and other than them and that was because they possessed beauty  and  they had attractive appearance and they were a splendid sight, so he feared that the people would afflict them with there evil eye, because the evil eye is true???.

The evidence from the authentic Sunnah pertaining to the reality of the evil eye.

There are numerous ahadeeth concerning the evil eye I?ll just quote two for sake of brevity.

1.     On the authority of abu Hurayrah who said the Messenger T of Allaah said: The evil eye is true.

[Bukhari ? Book of Medicine, Chapter: The evil eye is true.  Muslim-Book of Salaam, Chapter: Medicine]

2.     On the authority of ibn Abbas who said the Messenger T of Allaah said: Seek refuge with Allaah from the Evil eye because certainly it is true.

[Ibn Maajah. Declared saheeh by shaykh al Albaani in as Saheehah: 737]

(Refer to as Saheehah, hadeeth 1247-1252, for the Shaikh may Allaah have mercy upon him brings together the chains and variant wordings of the ahadeeth related to the evil eye being true.)  

The effects of evil eye

The harm caused by the evil eye can result in death.

On the authority of Jaabir that the Messenger T of Allaah said: Majority of people who die from my ummah after the decree of Allaah and His Qadr is due to the evil eye.

[Declared Hasan by al Albaani in Saheeh al Jaami? 1206]

Also on the authority of Jaabir who said the Messenger T of Allaah said: The evil eye enters the man in to the grave and enters the camel into the pot.

[Declared Hasan by Al Albaani in Saheeh al Jaami? 4144]

Cure for the one who is afflicted by the evil eye.

This is of types:

1: Curing oneself by reading suratun Naas and Falaq.
2: Curing oneself by reading the authentic supplications.
3: Others reciting upon you. Jibreel recited upon the Messenger T.
4: washing with water taken from the one who has given the Evil eye.  

To be continued if Allaah wills.
What are the authentic supplications?
The description of the bath and how it is performed.
What should one do to avoid giving others the evil eye?


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