Topic: Saying "IN SHAA ALLAAH" keeps us from lying!

Moosaa    -- 31-03-2011 @ 11:24 AM
  A subtle point of benefit to appreciate regarding the obligation of relegating our future actions to the Will of Allaah by saying "in  shaa'  Allaah" ...

Some of the scholars (like al-Qurtubee) mentioned that if we say something about the future (like "I am going to Makkah") without adding in  shaa'  Allaah, and it turns our that we changed our plans or were prevented and ended up not going - that we would be liars (with regard to that report), since we have reported something that was in contradiction to the actual reality (which is the definition of a kathib)!

And when we add "in  shaa'  Allaah" to our stated plans, we are free of any blame if the intended plan does not actually take place, since we only said we would do that if Allaah wills it, and it is clear that Allaah has not willed it!

This is from the many, many benefits of a simple phrase of thikr on our tongues!!  And look how it relates to vast obligation of honesty in Islaam!

And Allaah knows best.

ibn John

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