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Posted By Topic: Sheikh Abdul Muhsin Al Abads tazkiyah for Sheikh Rabee

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Abu Qayla Rasheed bin Estes Barbee (Durham, NC)
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Sheikh Abdul Muhsin Al Abads tazkiyah for Sheikh Rabee

The following is a summary translation taken from

Questioner: A rumor has appeared and it is being carried by some people with sick hearts, claiming falsely that you have spoken ill of Sheikh Rabee in a lesson from one of your lessons. And we dont believe that they want by this except to set the Scholars in opposition against one another. So what is your statement concerning this? And what is your instruction to these people? Therefore we would like to take a tape and spread it to clarify their falsehood.

Sheikh Abdul Muhsin Al Abad: Sheikh Rabee is from those who are busy with knowledge during this time period, and he has efforts which are good and tremendous in working with the Sunnah. And also he has authored works, so he has authored works which are good and tremendous and beneficial.

And I do not criticize him, nor do I warn from him, and I say he is from those Scholars whom are well grounded and if he is busy with knowledge you find in him many benefits.

Therefore I consider Sheikh Rabee to be from the Scholars, those whom should be listened to, and from those Scholars whose benefit is great.

(Taken from a tape, from the Sheikhs explanation of forty hadith)

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