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Posted By Topic: ELECTIONS?

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Abu Abdis Salaam Siddiq Al Juyaanee (Sayreville, NJ USA)
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Insha Allah this will be a beneficial reminder about the issue of elections.  The following is taken from:

The Illumination of Darkness in Unveiling the Evils and Uncertainties of Elections

A Book By Shaykh Aboo Nasr Muhammad ibn ?Abdullaah ar-Raymee (nicknamed al-Imaam)

Abridged Translation by Shaakir al-Kanadee

Q: There are some brothers that we know, who attend the universities here, and the universities have a Muslim Students? Association (MSA), and the brothers, they are from amongst us, the Salafiyyoon. So they attend these schools and they run for the MSA, and the way the MSA appoints their members is through elections. So anyone can sign up for this, including women, sisters, and the brothers go campaigning all over the university, and the people vote, and they get elected into a committee of ten people or so, with a president, and a deputy, and a secretary and others. And they justify this by saying that this is for benefit, and if we do not do it, then the Soofiyyah or other than them will take over, so this is how they justify it.

A: This is the same type of Shubuhaat (doubts) that the people here in the Muslim countries have, and this is their excuse for participating is these types of events. So inshaaAllaah, the brothers who are able to give these people advise, and explain to them the ruling in Islaam concerning these affairs [should do so], and that they should [be reminded to] fear Allaah in these affairs.

And these objectives that they believe to be valid do not allow them to do the things that they are doing. And we know the Jewish and secularist principle, which states: ?The ends justify the means.? And ash-Shaykh Yahyaa ibn ?Alee al-Hajooree (hafidhahullaah) has mentioned that this statement is a statement of the Jews, and it is entirely against the Deen of al-Islaam. And it is not true that ?the ends justify the means.?

And this is not the Manhaj (methodology) of the Prophet ( sallAllaahu alaihi was sallam ) in going about establishing Islaam and calling the people to Islaam, such as participating in elections. So inshaaAllaah, you and the brothers try your best to give these brothers Nasheehah (sincere advise), and that they should clear themselves from this. And if they are role-models, then the people will follow their example. And if they are known to be Salafee brothers and people of religion, and they are seen participating in these types of events, then they become a bad rolemodel and they become a bad example for the community. wAllaahu Musta?aan (And Allaah?s Aid is sought). They have to fear Allaah in these affairs.

And first and foremost, I am sure that they are in universities that have free mixing [i.e. between the sexes], and this is another thing that is not allowed. Allaahu Musta?aan. As for the brothers [i.e. the ones who should advise] rushing out, then we do not rush. After hearing the clear rulings of Allaah and His Messenger, and what the scholars have said about Islaam, it is clear that the ones who are disbelievers for participating in democracy are the ones who believe in its validness, and the ones who call to it, and call to its validness and to its participation, and the clear ruling of Allaah (subhaanahu wa ta?aalaa) has come to them. As for these brothers, then it seems that they understand that democracy is not from Islaam, but they feel that they have no other alternative and no other way of trying to help Islaam.

By Shaykh Aboo Nasr Muhammad ibn ?Abdullaah ar-Raymee (nicknamed al-Imaam)

Translation by Shaakir al-Kanadee

Abu Abdis Salaam Siddiq Al Juyaanee.

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