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Posted By Topic: Shaykhul-Islaam ibn Taymiyyah regarding partisanship and its evil effects

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Abu Sumayyah Abdur-Raoof bin Zaid (Birmingham, England - Madina KSA)
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All praise is for Allah, Lord of the worlds. Peace and prayers be upon Muhammad, his family and companions.

The following is taken from Majmooul-Fataawa, vol:28, pages:7-26. In which Shaykhul-Islaam is asked about the benefits of archery and the benefits of teaching it and what is better; archery with the bow,piercing with the spear or striking with the sword?

Along with this if a man taught another archery or spearing or other than that from the instruments of Jihaad in the way of Allah, then he (the student) moved to another teacher and started associating with him, would he be sinful for that or not? and is it correct for one who belongs to one of the groups of the two teachers to take a beginner upon a contract and make whatever conditions he wants to make upon him, is this action allowed or not with regards to what results from it(by making a binding duty)to have representation and partisanship to a teacher? In such a manner that everyone who is from one of the two teachers become brothers,close friends,groups and students, who stand with the teacher,whether he were to stand with the truth or stand with falsehood and who have enmity for the one who the teacher has enmity for and have alliance to whoever he(the teacher)has alliance to.

Then after mentioning the benefits and virtues of archery and spearing and how they are established as being from the Sunnah and the connection they have with Jihaad, Shaykhul-Islaam went on to say:

"It is upon the teachers to co-operate with one another upon righteousness and piety,as the Prophet(may Allahs prayers and peace be upon) ordered with his statement: "A muslim is the brother of a muslim,he does not leave him(when he is being harmed or facing a trial) nor does he oppress him."(Bukhaaree and Muslim),and he said:"Non of you truly believe until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself."(Bukhaaree and Muslim),and he said:"Do not envy one another,do not cut off from one another,do not hate one another and do not turn away from one another,be worshippers of Allah and brothers."(Bukhaaree and Muslim).

It is also authentically reported from the Messenger of Allah that he said:

"The doors of Jannah are opened every monday and thursday, so every servant who does not commit shirk with Allah is forgiven, except a man who has between him and his brother an enmity or a feud. So it will be said;look into  the affair of these two until they make amends and reconcile."(Muslim).

Therefore it is not for any of the teachers to transgress upon another,nor to harm him with a statement or an action,without right. for indeed Allah the most high has said:
"And those who harm believing men and women undeservedly,they bear the crime of slander and plain sin."(Al-Ahzab:58),and it is not for anyone to punish another where there is no oppression being committed,nor to go beyond the limit or to lose sight of the truth, and not to punish because of desires. As this is from the oppression the Allah and His Messenger have forbidden. For verily the most high has said from what has been narrated from His Prophet:"O My servants,I have forbidden oppression upon myself and I have made it forbidden between you,so do not oppress one another."(Muslim).

So if an individual did a wrong,then it is not allowed that he be punished with other than the legislated Islamic punishment and it is not for any one of the teachers to punish with whatever they wish, nor for anyone to help them or agree with them in that. Like he (the teacher) orders that Hajr(Abandonment) be made of an individual,so Hajr is made of him with the absence of any sin being committed, because this is exactly the type of action which was done by the priests and monks with the christians and done by the jews and what the leaders of misguidance do with their followers. For indeed As-Sadeeq(Abu Bakr may Allah be pleased with him) said:"Obey me as long as I obey Allah,for if I disobey Allah then there is no obedience to me upon you," and the Prophet(may Allahs prayers and peace be upon) has said: "There is no obedience to the creation in disobedience to the creator."(Musnad of Imaam Ahmad).

So if the teacher orders the Hajr of an individual and for him to be dropped and alienated or the like, then the affair is looked into, if he committed a sin (which Islaam recognises as being a sin),then the person is punished according to the level of his sin,without increase upon that and if he did not commit a sin,then it is not allowed, that he be punished with anything in order to fulfil the goal of the teacher.

Along with this, it is not for the teachers to rally and group the people(into parties) nor to do what will make the people encounter enmity and hatred. Rather they should be like brothers,co-operating with each other upon righteousness and piety, as the most high has said:"And co-operate upon righteousness and piety and do not co-operate upon sin and transgression." (Al-Ma'idah:2).

So it is not for anyone from amongst them  to take another upon a contract, in order to make the person agree with everything that he wants and to have alliance to whoever he has alliance to and to have enmity for whoever he has enmity for. Rather whoever does this,then this is the same type of action done by Gengias Khan and his like, those who make(whoever agrees with them)a friend and an ally and whoever disagrees with them is an enemy and an oppressor. Rather what is upon them and their followers is the contract of Allah and His Messenger, that they obey Allah and His Messenger and that they do what Allah and His Messenger ordered with and to make haraam what Allah and His Messenger have made haraam and to take care of the rights of their teachers as ordered by Allah and His Messenger. So if one of the teachers is oppressed then he aids him and if he is the oppressor then he does not help him in that oppression,rather he prevents him from that,as is authentically establised from the Prophet(may Allahs prayers and peace be upon) that he said: "Help your brother;be he the oppressor or the oppressed.It was said O Messenger of Allah,I shall help him if he is oppressed but how do I help him if he is the oppressor? He said:Prevent him from oppression,that is you helping him."(Bukhaaree and Muslim).

So if there was to occur between a teacher and a teacher or a student and student or between a teacher and a student a dispute or a quarrel, it is not allowed for anyone to aid and help either of the two parties until he knows the truth, so he does not help with ignorance nor with desires, rather he looks into the affair.

So if the truth is made clear to him, he helps the one who is upon the truth against the one who is upon falsehood, whether the one upon the truth is from his companions or from the companions of another and whether the one upon falsehood is from his companions or from the companions of another. So that the purpose can be the worship of Allah alone and to obey His Messenger and to follow the truth and stand with justice. Allah the most high has said:

"O you who believe! stand out firmly for justice,as witnesses to Allah,even though it be against yourselves,or your parents,or your kin,be he rich or poor,Allah is a better protector to both(than you).So follow not the desires,lest you avoid justice;and if you distort your witness or refuse to give it,verily Allah is well aware of what you do."
(An-Nisa:135). It is said;to distort means to inform with lying and to refuse means to conceal the truth.

So whoever leans towards his companion, whether the truth is for him or against him,has verily ruled with the ruling of the days of Jaahiliyyah and has left the ruling of Allah and His Messenger.

So it is obligatory upon all of them to have one(united)hand with the one upon the truth against the one upon falsehood, so that the one who is glorified with them is the one whom Allah and His Messenger glorify and the one put forward is the one whom Allah and His Messenger put forward and the one who is loved with them is the one whom Allah and His Messenger love and the humiliated one with them is the one whom Allah and His Messenger have humiliated,in accordance with what Allah and His Messenger are pleased with,not in accordance with desires, because whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger is indeed guided and whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger,then he causes no harm except to himself.

So this is the foundation upon which they place their reliance and trust and then there will be no need for them to divide and become sects,for verily Allah the most high has said:  

"Verily those who divide their religion and break up into sects,you (Muhammad) have no concern in them in the least."((al-An'aam:159) and the most high has said:

"And be not like those who divided and differed among themselves after the clear proofs had come to them."(Al-Imraan:105).

So if they come together upon the obedeince of Allah and His Messenger and co-operate upon righteousness and piety,no one will be with another in everything,rather every individual will be with another in the obedience of Allah and His Messenger and will not be with anyone in disobedience to Allah and His Messenger. Rather they will co-operate upon truthfulness,justice and goodness and commanding the good and forbidding the evil and helping the oppressed and with all that Allah and His Messenger love and will not co-operate upon oppression nor upon partisanship of the days of Jaahiliyyah.

So this is the Deen of Al-Islaam which Allah has sent his Messengers with and revealed in his Books and it is to submit to Allah alone. Whoever does not submit to Him, then he is from those who scorn His worship. For the most high has said:  "Verily those who scorn My worship they will surely enter Hell in humiliation.":(Gaafir:60).

So the halaal is whatever He(the most high) makes halaal and the haraam is whatever He makes haraam and the Deen is that which He has legislated, so it is not for anyone from the scholars,the kings,the people of knowledge,the leaders, the teachers and the rest of the creation to have any leave from that. Rather it is upon the whole of the creation to profess and adhere to the Deen of Al-Islaam,which Allah has sent with His Messengers and to enter into the Deen of the seal of the Messengers,the chief of the children of Aadam,the leader of the pious,the best of creation and the most honourable of them; Muhammad(may Allahs prayers and peace be upon him).

So whoever orders with an affair(whoever he may be),then it is placed before the Book and the Sunnah,if it agrees with that(the book and the sunnah) it is accepted, if not then it will be rejected. As comes in the two Saheehs of Imaam Bukhaaree and Imaam Muslim,that the Messenger of Allah said:  

"Whoever does an action that is not upon our affair,then it will be rejected."

End of the words of Shaykhul-Islaam.
The above has been translated in summary,where certain paragraphs have been left out, due to repetition and in order to maintain its summarised form. Allah the most high knows best.

All praise be to Allah and peace and prayers be upon Muhammad,his family and companions.

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