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Posted By Topic: The High Status And Importance Of Knowledge Of The Names And Attributes Of Allah Ta'ala

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Abu Abd Ar Rahman Abd Al Adheem Ibn Faheem ibn Zia ibn Ma'een (KSA/ Bangalore, India)
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The Status Of Knowledge Pertaining To The Names And Attributes Of Allah Sub'hanahu Wa Ta'ala

Important Note:- Could our brothers and sisters post what the Ulamaa of the past and present have stated addressing the importance and Status of knowledge of the Names and Attributes of Allah Ta'ala....

Stated Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen (rahimahullah)in the forward of his book:

Verily, belief in the names and attributes of allah is one of the pillars of faith in Allah the exalted. They are,

1. belief in the existence of Allah
2. belief in His Lordship (Ruboobiyyah)
3. belief in His sole Right to all forms of worship (Uloohiyyah)
4. belief in His Names and Attributes (Asmaa' was-Sifaat)

Furthermore, it is one of the three categories of Tawheed:

1. belief in His Lordship (Ruboobiyyah)
2. belief in His sole Right to all forms of worship (Uloohiyyah)
3. belief in His Names and Attributes (al-Asmaa' was-Sifaat)

So, the status of the Tawheed of al-Asmaa' was-Sifaat in the Religion is very high and of the utmost importance. It is not possible for anyone to worship Allah in a complete way , until he has acquired the knowledge of the Names and Attributes of Allah the Exalted, in order to worship him upon clarity.

Allah the Exalted has said,

And (all) the Most Beautiful Names belong to All‚h, so call on Him by them, and leave the company of those who belie or deny (or utter impious speech against) His Names. They will be requited for what they used to do.

Calling upon Allah with his Names and Attributes is to be done when requesting something specific , and also when one calls upon Allah only to praise him.

When one calls upon Allah to request something, he mentions Allah's Names that are suitable for the occasion. For example, you say, "O Ghafoor (the All-Forgiver)! forgive me! O Raheem (the All-Merciful)! Have Mercy on me O Hafeedh (the All-Protecting One) Protect me!" and the likes.

And when one calls upon Allah simply to praise him, he worships Allah with the implication of these Names. For example, you repent to Allah since He is at-Tawwaab (the Acceptor of Repentance), you mention him upon your tongue since he is as-Samee' (the All-Hearing), you worship him with your body parts since He is al-Baseer (the All-Seeing), you fear him in secret since He is al-Lateef (the Sublime), al-Khabeer (the All-Informed), etc.

So due to the status of Tawheedul-Asmaa' was-sifaat, and due to the people speaking about it with truth in some occasions, and with falsehood from either ignorance or bigotry in other occasions, I was inclined to author some principles concerning it, hoping that Allah the Exalted would make this action of mine a sincere effort seeking His Face, being in agreement with what He is pleased with, and that it is beneficial for His servants.

I have named it al-Qawaa'idul-Muthlaa fee Sifaatillaahi Ta'aalaa wa Asmaa'ihil-Husnaa


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Abu Abd Ar Rahman Abd Al Adheem Ibn Faheem ibn Zia ibn Ma'een (KSA/ Bangalore, India)
Posts: 305
Joined: Nov 2002
Shaikh Nasir As-Sa'di (rahimahullah) On Names And Attributes Of Allah Ta'ala

Bismillah Alhamdulillah As-Salatu Wa-Assalaamu Alaa Rasoolillah.

Al Qawl as-Sadeed fi Maqasid at-Tawhid Sharh Kitab At-Tawhid

Tawhid is founded upon confirming what Allah has affirmed for Himself, or what his Messenger (Sallallahualaihiwasalam) has affirmed of His beautiful Names. It is to have the beautifying awareness of the majestic meanings that are inclusive of the Names, to worship Allah by them, and call upon Him with them.

     So every matter that the worshipper seeks from His Lord - whether related to this life or religion - then he seeks it by the beautiful Names of Allah related to that.

     So whoever calls upon Him to bring him sustenance, he asks Him by His Name ar-Razzaq. For the result of mercy and forgiveness, then by His Name ar-Raheem, ar-Rahmaan, al-Barr, al-Karim, al-Afu, al-Ghafur, at- Tawab or others.

     What is even better than this, is that calling upon Him by His Names and Attributes is a form of worship if the meanings of His beautiful Names are realised, and their effect is in the heart, such that the heart is effected by the understanding and implications of these Names, and it is motivated by that awareness.

     Similar is the case with the Names of greatness, and pride, majesty and granduer and the Names that inspire fear, motivating the heart to  honour Allah and recognise His majesty.

     The Names with the meanings of beauty, righteousness, beneficence, mercy and kindness - all of these motivate the heart to love Allah, longing for Him, praising Him and feeling grateful to Him.

     The Names of might, wisdom, knowledge and power motivate the hearts to submit in awe and fear before Him.

     The Names of knowledge, informing, omnipresence, watchfulness, witnessing - all of these motivate the heart to be aware that Allah is watching every motion and moment of stillness, making one guard against evil thoughts and harmful intentions.

     The Names of al-Ghani and al-Latif make the hearts realise their need and dependence upon Him, making them rely upon Him all of the time and in every situation.

     This awareness results in the hearts due to the servant's awareness of the Names and Attributes. By the servant worshipping Allah with them,  he is not seeking the outcome of the world, nor to master it or perfect it. It is the best form of obedience to worship Him with, and it is the essence of tawhid and worship. By opening this door, he has opened the door of the ultimate tawhid, and the perfect faith that is not realised except by the perfection achieved by the people tawhid. Affirming the Names and Attributes is the foundation of this most exalted goal.

     As for ilhad [heresy] in Allah's Names and Attributes, it is the  utmost negation of this grand goal.

There are different kinds of Ilhad:

If the heretic negates the meanings of the Names or attributes, as is  done by the Jahimiyah and their successors. Or by resembling them to the  attributes of creatures, as the mushabbihah among the Rawafid and others

     Or by calling the creatures by His Names as the mushrikin did with  the name al-Lat from al-Illah, al-Uzza from al-Aziz, and al-Manat from  al-Mannan, deriving them from the beautiful Names of Allah. So they likened them to Allah then they sanctioned worshipping them, which is solely Allah's right alone.

     So the reality of heresy in Allah's Names is altering them, either  in expression or meaning, explanation or interpretation, or changing them. All of this negates tawhid and faith....

Taken from the commentary by Allamah as-Sa?di (Rahimahullah)  Pages 230 -232 Chapter 51 ? Kitab Al-Tawhid

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