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Posted By Topic: Affirming The Legislative and Creational Asbaab And The Results, Effects Tied to Them

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Affirming The Deenee Shar`iyy (Religious Legislative) and Kawnee, Qadaree (Universal, Creational) Asbaab (Causes, Ways And Means) And the Effects Tied to Them

Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah

"That is because Allaah (subhaanahu wa ta`aalaa) knows the (realities) of the affairs as they are, and He has made asbaab (causes, ways, means) for (all things), on account of which these things occur. So He knows that they occur by those asbaab, just like He knows that this person is granted (offspring) when he has intercourse with a woman and impregnates her. And if such a one said, "If Allaah knows that I will have offspring, then there is no need for intercourse", then he is a fool, because Allaah knows that what He has decreed will occur by way of intercourse. So when he (this person) knows that tillage will grow for him on account of the water he nurtures (the soil) with and what he plants of seeds, if he was to say, "When He knows that it will occur, then there is no need for planting", he is an astray ignorant. Because Allaah knows that it will occur by way of that (i.e. the planting of the seed). Likewise, when Allaah knows that this person (in his hunger) will be satisfied with food, and this one (in his thirst) will be quenched with water, and this one will die by killing, then it is inevitable that there are asbaab (about) which Allaah knows, that these matters occur through them...

...And likewise, Paradise. Allaah created it for the people (having) Imaan in Him, and obedience to Him. So whoever  He decreed would be amongst them, He made Imaan and obedience easy for him. Thus, whoever said, "I will enter Paradise, whether I am a believer or a disbeliever, if He knows that I am from its people", then he is a fabricator against Allaah in that. For Allaah knew that He will enter Him into it by way of Imaan. So if he does not have Imaan, then this person will not be the one about whom Allaah knew that He will enter Paradise. Rather, whoever is not a believer, but is a disbeliever, then Allaah knows that he is from the people of the Fire, not from the people of Paradise.

For this reason, He ordered the people with du`aa, and isti`aanah with Allaah, and other such asbaab. And whoever said, "I do not supplicate or ask, out of reliance upon al-Qadr", then he is in error also, because Allaah made du`aa and asking from the asbaab by which His forgiveness and mercy, and His guidance, aid and sustenance are obtained. And when some good has been decreed for the servant, he will attain it by du`aa, it will not be attained without du`aa. And whatever Allaah has decreed, and knows about the situations of the servants, and their end-results, then Allaah has decreed that through asbaab which steer the maqaadeer (decreed matters) to their (appointed) times. Hence, there is nothing in the dunyaa or the aakhirah, except with a sabab (cause, way), and Allaah is the Creator of the asbaab (causes) and the musabbabaat (effects). (Majmoo` al-Fataawaa 8/68-69)

-=amjad bin muhammad rafiq=-

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أبو سلمان النمري طلحة بن وليم

والعصر ان الانسان لفي خسر الا الذين آمنواو عملوا الصالحات و تواصوا بالحق و تواصوا بالصبر

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Affirming The Deenee Shar`iyy (Religious Legislative) and Kawnee, Qadaree (Universal, Creational) Asbaab (Causes, Ways And Means) And the Effects Tied to Them

Shayk `Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn Sa`dee

"And many people think that affirmation of the asbaab negates Imaan in al-Qadaa wal-Qadr, and this is a very repugnant mistake, and this (claim) only returns back upon al-Qadr with nullification (of it), and it is a nullification of al-Hikmah also. And it is as if this person (thinking this) says and believes that Imaan in al-Qadr is the belief in the existence of things independent of their legislative and creational asbaab. And this is a negation of them, for as we have mentioned, they (the asbaab) [are such that] Allaah has tied the creation, some parts of it to others, and has arranged parts of it with others, and made parts of it to come into existence by way of others.

So do you - O one who thinks (this) in ignorance - say that it is befitting that the building is made to come into existence without any construction, and the seeds, fruits, and plants are made to come into existence without tilling (the soil) and watering, and that children and offspring are made to come into existence without nikaah (intercourse), and that (people) are entered into Paradise without Imaan and righteous actions, and that (people) are entered into the Fire without disbelief and disobedience?!

With this thought you have nullified al-Qadr, and you have nullified al-Hikmah alongside it. Do you not know that Allaah, with His wisdom, and His perfect ability, power, has made effects to have causes (behind them), and maqaasid (desired goals) to have paths and avenues by which they are obtained? And He has affirmed this in the fitrah and the intellect, just like He has affirmed it in the legislation, and just as He carried this out in the reality (of creation). For He has given every single thing, its particular characteristics that befit it, then He guided every created thing to whatever it was created for, amongst the various types of striving, movement, and variety of different activities. And He constructed the affairs of the world and hereafter upon that amazing and creatively astonishing organisation [the creation], that testifies firstly, to the perfect ability and the perfect wisdom for Allaah, and secondly it made the servants to testify that by way of this organisation, facilitation, and direction, He made those who act to embark upon their actions, and energised them into their (varying) occupations.

Therefore, when the seeker of the hereafter knows that it will not be sought except by Imaan and righteous actions, and abandoning the opposite of that, he will strive his utmost in actualising Imaan, and its great many beneficial constituents, and he will strive in every righteous action that will lead him to the Hereafter, and facing that he will avoid disbelief and disobedience, and he will hasten to sincere repentance from everything he fell into from that.

And the farmer, when he knows that produce will not be obtained except by tilling (the land) and watering, and complete observation (i.e. care), he will strive his utmost in every way that will make his crop to grow, increase, and to become perfect, and to repel the various harms from it.

And the person of manufacturing when he knows that the manufactured things, in all their variety, and their benefits, are not obtained except by learning the particular craft, then being skilled in it, then working by it, he will strive in that. And whoever desired to obtain children, or the growth of his cattle, then he will work and strive in that, and it is the same for all other matters." (ar-Riyaadh an-Naadirah, pp.125-126, by way of al-Imaan bil-Qadaa wal-Qadar of Muhammad bin Ibraaheem al-Hamad pp.64-65)

-=amjad bin muhammad rafiq=-

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A modern-day example of those who reject al-asbaab is that of Jamaa'at ut-Tableegh. When calling others to perform their innovated khurooj fee sabeel Illiyaas, they state that "...since Allaah is ar-Razaaq (the Provider), he will provide for your wife and children while you are out on khurooj for 40 days."

Such people, as mentioned by Shaykh ul-Islaam in the important post above, are fools, astray ignoramuses, and fabricators against Allaah. Add this misguidance to all of the other shirkiyaat, khuraafaat, and dalaalaat of this heretical sect and you left with a Jamaa'ah whose status as an innovated sect is only denied by an innovator of equal proportions.

Abu 'Abdil-'Azeez al-Misree
أبو عبد العزيز المصري

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