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Posted By Topic: Is Rebelling Against a Ruler an Issue of Ijtihad? - Salih al-Fawzan

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Abu Az-Zubayr Scott Harrison (Washington, USA)
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Is Rebelling Against a Ruler an Issue of Ijtihad?

Question: What do you say, may Allah preserve you, about a person
who states that the issue of rebelling and opposing the ruler (king,
president, government, etc.) is only a matter of Ijtihad
(independent, personal interpretation) and says that there is a difference
if opinion regarding the issue among the Salaf. Therefore, it is not
permissible to accuse those who differ in this regard (those who allow
political revolution and opposition) of being innovators or sinners.

Answer: This is a lie and slander against the messenger (S), and
there is no room for Ijtihad in this issue. The prophet (S) says:

"Whoever comes to you while you are united in allegiance to one man
(leader) among you and he wants to disunite your unified community, then
strike his neck whoever he may be."
[Sahih Muslim]

And he (S) said:

"Whoever splits up the unified community and dies while he is disuniting
the community, then he dies a death of Jahiliyyah (a pre-Islamic
state of ignorance)."


"...then he has removed the guiding rope of Islam from his neck
(disassociated himself from Islam)."

It is impermissible to oppose and rebel against the leader of Muslim
affairs. Rather, it is an obligation to obey him and forbidden to oppose
him due to what that entails of bloodshed, disunity, and the ruining and
alienation of a nation. And you all witness now those lands in which
people revolted against their leaders. You see the results such as
fighting and killing, bloodshed, and the loss of safety and security when
some of these leaderships are not Muslim governments. But anytime people
rebel against their leaders, the same thing occurs - that which occurred
in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and every other place.

So what if the ruler is Muslim? It is certainly not allowed to oppose him
due to what that will result in of bloodshed, the loss of security, the
opportunity for non-Muslims to gain control over Muslims, and dissension
and division among Muslims.

1 - This article is a translated transcription of a cassette (the
first side) titled: "al-Liqaa al-Maftooḥ" given in May, 2004 by Salih al-
Fawzan. Source:

To read the full 3-page article online, click

Abu Az-Zubayr Harrison

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