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Posted By Topic: Are the Terrorists of Today Khawarij?

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Abu Az-Zubayr Scott Harrison (Washington, USA)
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The questioner asks about this group that has today left the Muslims and opposed them. They carry out bombings and terrorize people who once felt safe. Are these people truly part of the Khawarij or are they disbelievers?

This group that has left the Muslims, rebelling against them; this is the result of disassociating oneself from the scholars. I mentioned the consequences of this during the last part of the (previous) lecture. They broke away from the scholars, broke away from the Muslim leaders, and the disbelievers and hypocrites put these ideologies into their heads. So, they have become outcasts in Muslim societies.

They are Khawarij, no doubt. This act of theirs is the act of the Khawarij. Rather, they are even more violent and extreme than the (original) Khawarij. The (past) Khawarij did not use to destroy buildings and residents. The Khawarij used to show up face-to-face on the battlefield. They used to fight on the battlefield despite what they were upon of ignorance. But they did not used to collapse buildings on everyone inside them - women, children, the innocent, those at peace with Muslims, people with whom Muslims have a treaty, and other people guaranteed safety. The Khawarij used not to do this. This is even worse and more violent than the actions of the (original) Khawarij... 1

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  1. This question was answered by Saalih al-Fawzaan verbally and the Arabic audio clip can be found at: - this particular clip is no. 20 in the
    list and contains three questions answered by the Shaykh this is the first one.

- Abu Az-Zubayr Harrison

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