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Posted By Topic: refuting abul hasan(ibn baz)

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يسم الله الرحمن الرحيــــــم

سئل الشيخ الإمام ابن باز ـ رحمه الله ـ عن السؤال التالي :

هل يجوز ذكر أسماء الأشخاص والتعرض لهم حينما يريد الإنسان أن ينقدهم وينقد فكرهم ؟ أفتونا مأجورين .


إذا كان الشخص قد كتب شيئاً يخالف الشرع المطهر ونشره بين الناس أو أعلن في وسائل الإعلام وجب الرد عليه وبيان بطلان ماقال ،ولامانع من ذكر اسمه ليحذره الناس ، كدعاة البدع والشرك وكالدعاة إلى ماحرم الله من المعاصي ،ولم يزل أهل العلم والإيمان من دعاة الحق وحملة الشريعة يقومون بهذا الواجب نصحاً لله ولعباده وانكاراً للمنكر ودعوة إلى الحق وتحذيراً للناس من أن يغتروا بدعاة الباطل والأفكار الهدامة .. والله الهادي إلى سواء السبيل .

المرجع / "المجلة العربية "العدد (187) شعبان 1413هـ

Taken from

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Could one of the tullab ul ilm translate this for us english speakers please.


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The Shaikh, Imaam Ibn Baz Rahimuallah was asked the following question:

Is it permissible to mention the names of individuals and to expose them when one intends to refute them and their ideas? Give us a ruling may Allah reward you.

So he responded:

?If that individual has written something which opposes the legislation and he has spread it amongst the people or made it public via the various media resources then it is obligatory to refute him and to clarify the falsehood of what he stated and there is nothing preventing his name being mentioned in order to warn the people, like with the callers to innovation and shirk and like the callers to that which Allah has forbidden from the sins. And the people of knowledge and eemaan from the callers to the truth and the carriers of the legislation have not ceased in establishing this obligation out of sincerity to Allah and to His slaves, and rejecting the munkar (evil) and calling to the truth, and warning the people from being deceived by the callers to falsehood and (the callers) to dangerous ideologies?????..and Allah is The Guide to the straight path.?

Ref: ?Al mujalatul Arabiyyatu? No: (187) Sha?baan 1413 AH

(Narrated From Awn Ibn Abdullah who said: "I said to Umar ibn Abdul Azeez it is stated:

"If you are able, be a scholar and if you cannot be a scholar then be a student of knowledge and if you cannot be a student then love the students, and if you cann

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Jazzak Allahu Khair Yusef.

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