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» Jummah at Tableegh Mosque who seized it by power of attorney
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Posted By Topic: Jummah at Tableegh Mosque who seized it by power of attorney

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27-08-2003 @ 12:24 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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as salaam u alakium,

The jammat tableigh have took over the masjid by power of attorney.  They have brought there own so called Sheick. a man who they say is a Mufti from South Africa (pakianstein).  For Jummah they call two adhans then he gives a bayan in english for about 35 min.  Then there is another adhan he gives the khutbah in all arabic.

The salafi brothers all wait outside the masjid while the bayaan is going on. When it is over they come inside for the jummah? Alhumdulilah now the salafis have estblished there own jummah.  But in trying to call the people to what is correct those other than the salafi's .. What is the ruling on this type of jummah ?

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