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Posted By Topic: Question on Reflection upon Allaahs Creation

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03-06-2003 @ 5:56 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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Asalaamu 'alaikum wa rahmathullahi wa barakaatu-hu

I would really appreciate it if a student of knowledge would answer some questions concerning the following ayaah from Surah ali-Imraan and its tafaseer:

?Truly in the creation of the heavens and the earth and in the alternation of the night and day are indeed signs for men of understanding. Those who standing, sitting and lying down contemplate deeply the creation of the heavens and the earth (saying): Our Lord! You have not created this without purpose. Glory be to you. Give us salvation from the torment of the Hell-fire? [3:191]

Is it permissible to interpret the ayaah as follows:
If we think deeply about the creation of Allaah in terms of its sophistication, which provides evidence of Allaah's knowledge ('ilm), will (mashee'ah) and ability (qudra), as stated by ibnul Qayyim rahimahullah, would it be right to say that the only conclusion one can arrive at having reflected deeply over these signs of the creation is that Allaah exists? What I mean to say is, can this ayaah be used as a proof against the atheists and agnostics by showing them that their deep reflection isn't true reflection at all since the signs of Allaah's creation point to one indisputable undeniable fact, and that is, there is a Creator of the heavens and the earth?

Also, when Allaah jalla wa 'ala says that those who contemplate say: "Our Lord!", is it permissible to interpret this as a "recognition" of Allaah's existence and magnificence after this deep contemplation? Again can it be used to show the atheist and the agnostic that had they truly contemplated the signs of the universe with a sincere heart and guidance from Allaah they would realise that Allaah has not created anything except with a purpose?

I would like to clarify that I am not asking this question seeking to use science or rationale as the basis of belief like Zindaani and others have attempted to do, but to know if the above ayaah can be utilised in the way I have interpreted to show that science if it reaches a conclusion other than the truth goes against the Kalaam of Allaah, Fitra & sound reasong/ intellect.

I would really like to know the tafaseer for this ayaah and whether the above can be utilised in da'wah in the way I've interpreted it, wallaahu 'alam

Subhaanakallaah humma wabi Hamdika, ash-shahadu allaa ilaha illa ant, astaghfirooka wa atoobu ilayk


07-09-2003 @ 5:25 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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Assalaamu alaika

Insha Allah this will help you out greatly.  It seems like your questions are pertainting to what is in this article that our beloved brothers at compiled and translated.  May Allah increase you in ilm. Ameen

Assalaamu alaika

08-09-2003 @ 3:55 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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Beware of the manhaj of the people of rhetoric (ahlul-Kalaam) who were inspired by Greek philosophy to develop long-winded arguments to prove that Allaah exists.  They are majaaneen!  They focus so much trying to prove that Allaah exists, something that no person of intellect can deny, that they lose track of the true concept of tawheed, and they embrace anyone who acknowledges Allaah's existence and consider him a believer.  Refer to: for Shaykh Saalih Al-Fawzaan's discussion of their understanding of tawheed.

would it be right to say that the only conclusion one can arrive at having reflected deeply over these signs of the creation is that Allaah exists?

No, epecially since the Muslims (those who already affirm Allaah's Existence) themselves have been commanded to reflect over Allaah's Creation.  One is increased in his eemaan, his awe of Allaah, his conviction in Allaah's complete and perfect attributes of knowledge, capability, creation, sustaining and caring for the creation, etc.

Moosaa Richardson

سبحانك اللهم وبحمدك
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