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Posted By Topic: What must a believer learn? Muhammad al uthaymeen.

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Abul Hasan Yahya Ibn Salvatore Trento (Riyadh Saudi Arabia)
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As Salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

The Question to faidhilatu sheikh Muhammad ibn Salih Al Uthaymeen.
What are the matters from Islamic jurispudence that a believer must learn?

The answer:
All praise is due to Allah the lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be on the Prophet Muhammad and on his family, and his companions and on those who followed him in goodness until the last day. The matters in Islamic Jurispudence that the people must learn, are those that Allah made wajib(a must) upon them. From them are purification(taharah), Prayer(Salah), Charity(zakah), Fasting(siyam), Hajj, Treating the parents with goodness, and keeping the ties of kindship, and other then that pertaining to the religious matters. And it is a must upon the people to learn religious matters, before anything else.

Allah says in surah muhammad ayah 19.So know (O Muhammad sallahu alayi wa salam) that La ilaha ill-Allah (none has the right to be worshipped but Allah), and  then ask forgiveness for your sin.

And Bukhari said, that Allah started with knowledge before action..

For example, If a person needs to purify himself and make wudhu(ablution) for the prayer, No doubt he must know how to make ablution. and if he wants to pray, its a must that he knows how to pray. And what is on him(what reward would he get) if he failed to do this or that(knowing how to do it) until he worships Allah with clear knowledge, and this is the saying of Allah ta ala  in Surah fatiha
ayah 6."Guide us to the straight path"

To say, Show us the straight path, and let our actions be according to it, The path that which you bring us to, oh our lord.

And if it is not something needed on the person from other matters, then it is not a must that he learn it, except that it is something that only some people have to do(fardh kifayah). For example the learning of different types of knowledge such as, Learning the laws of selling correctly, or of renting correctly, or of morgaging correctly, or of endowments correctly, And learning these things is not a must upon everyone, but rather it is a must upon the person who wants to work in that feild, but as for other then him it is not a must upon him, except if it is of importance and there is no one in the world who knows this knowledge. So therefore it is a must upon some of the people, But if no one learns that knowledge that is only for certain people, then it becomes a must upon all the people to learn it.

Min al kitab "Majmoo fatawa wa Rasail of the respected sheikh Muhammad Ibn Salih al uthaymeen(Allah's mercy on Him) Book 26 Page 46 Question 10.

Anything that I said that is correct is from Allah, and anything I said that is incorrect is from myself and shaytan.

Abul Hasan Yahya ibn Salvatore.

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