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Posted By Topic: Shaikh Saalih As-Suhaimee & Salafi Publications

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In a telephone conversation with Shaikh Ubaid al-Jaabiree (hafidhahullaah) a few days ago, he stated that Shaikh Saalih as-Suhaimee stated that Salafi Publications should print his books.

Shaikh Ubaid also stated that none should print his or Shaikh Saalih's books without prior consent, and he is not pleased that any of their books be published in the West without permission of the two Shaikhs, may Allaah preserve them.

Shaikh Ubaid has sent to al-Maktabatus-Salafiyyah a copy of the latest edition of Shaikh Saalih as-Suhaimee's book regarding the Aqeedah and it Effect Upon Uniting the Ummah, so we will publish that soon, inshaa' Allaah.


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