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Posted By Topic: Important Information For All SalafiTalk.Net Members

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25-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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Important Information For All SalafiTalk.Net Members

Alhamdulillah Was Salatu Was Salamu Alaa Ashrafil-Anbiyaa. Wa Ba'd:

Over the past week or so we have become concerned with a number of trends on this board. And in the past day or two our concerns have been confirmed by other board members who have shared our feelings and offered their naseeha, jazaahumullaahu khairan. As people who subscribe to the manhaj of the Salaf and who implement in practically, then we should be aware of the following affairs:

a) Not speaking about Allaah and His Deen without knowledge

b) Referring matters to the people of knowledge

c) Not preceding the people of knowledge in affairs that require legal rulings (fatwaa)

d) Not putting oneself forward in issues whilst there others who are more capable

e) Actually understanding what is being said or asked, before attempting to reply, or before posting statements and rulings of scholars that do not even relate to the specific case at hand

This, we believe is something that is already understood and known to most of us, since this is from those things that make us Salafis, and distinguish us from others, and there is no need to enter into detail in these matters here.

In light of this we are unhappy with the fact that a number of people have been very quick in expressing opinions, being bold to answer questions, and putting themselves forward to speak and offer answers, despite the fact that there are on this board students who have graduated from al-Jaami'ah al-Islaamiyyah, or who are currently studying there, and students of Shaykh Muqbil (rahimahullaah) and also many brothers in Saudi and Kuwait, who are in close proximity with the people of knowledge, who have not seen it fit to speak themselves. So despite all of this, some individuals have been coming out and expressing views and opinions, which were not free from error. This has occurred from brothers and sisters.

As one of our noble brothers, who is also concerned about this, observed:

"We see questions are been posted by people and some of our sincere brothers and sisters are answering them as fast as they are posted, and we ask Allah to reward them for their efforts.  But we see this as door for Shay'taan to enter and cause fitnah and discredit your noble efforts.  By Allah the most knowledgeable people of this Ummah, the companions of the Blessed Prophet used to refer the questioner to each other trying hard to close any hole which Shay'taan may use as a means to destroy them.  The blessed Prophet (Sallalaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) did not leave us without warning this Ummah of every thing that may lead to their destruction and every thing that may lead to their victory in this world and the hereafter.  He the Messenger of Allah (Sallalaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said:  "Indeed Allah does not take away knowledge by removing it from the chest of the people but rather he takes away knowledge by the death of the 'Ulemaa until there remains no 'Ulemaa then the people will take as their leaders the ignorant ones, they will refer their questions to them and the ignorant leaders will give verdicts without knowledge misguiding themselves and them" (al-Bukhaaree and Muslim).     Al-hamdulillah we are not living in the time the Prophet (Sallalaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) was talking about in the above hadeeth, and we have 'Ulemaa among us to refer our questions to and they are just a phone call away.  Everyone answering questions on something he or she may have heard the verdict on from a scholar or the worst of all from himself is an attack on the scholars and a show of ingratitude to the bounty of Allah (Jala wa 'alaa) for putting us in a time where there are 'Ulemaa to refer our affairs to.  Allah the all Merciful said: "Ask the people of knowledge if you do not know".  A person may ask a question that appears to be similar to a question answered by a scholar, and the person responding to the question will issue the same verdict posed to him/her not realizing that the verdict maybe on a case by case basis.  In deed truthful is the one who said, "Whosoever enters a house in a way other than the door will be forced out".  Allah (Subhaanah wa ta'aalaa)   said, "And enter houses from their doors"(2:189). "

And we are in total agreement with this, and it is the truth.

And indeed, this is what distinguishes us as Salafis from all of the Hizbiyyoon and the Innovators, who have no fear of Allaah and merely speak with no knowledge, or guidance or light or understanding. This is because we venerate the Scholars of Ahl us-Sunnah and know that the blessings lie with them.

This is a short reminder for now, and in the meanwhile we will be putting down some guidelines and advice concerning posting on SalafiTalk.Net, which if abided by, will help to reduce what we see as an undesirable characteristic.

Thus, we ask for your co-operation in putting a stop to what can become a doorway for Shaytaan. May Allaah reward you.

SalafiTalk.Net Admin

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