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Posted By Topic: Notes and Guidelines Concerning SalafiTalk.Net and the Boards of Misguidance

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21-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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Notes and Guidelines Concerning SalafiTalk.Net and the Boards of Misguidance

Alhamdulillah Was Salatu Was Salamu Alaa Ashrafil-Anbiyaa. Wa Ba'd:

After discussion and advice from some members, we would like to make the following announcement:

1. Following the announcement of SalafiTalk.Net the hizbiyyoon and the qutubiyyoon and the harakiyyoon from those who follow the innovators, realised that the Salafees, the true followers of the manhaj of the Salaf have a voice, and so in their fright and dismay began what was expected from them of beginning their attacks against this board, seeing that this board would be a thorn in their throats.

2. For this reason you saw that immediately after the publicising of this board a great deal of threads concerning SalafiTalk.Net appeared on the boards of the hizbees containing mockery and slander and belittlement. And this is a blessing from Allaah, in that Allaah had busied them away from their own souls, and made them indulge in what brings about wastage of their time, hardening of their hearts and falling into what is harmful to them in this life and Hereafter.

3. For this reason, it should be made from the rules of SalafiTalk.Net that no member is allowed to waste time in quoting and posting qeel wa qaal from these boards of misguidance in which attacks are made against SalafiTalk.Net, or wasting valuable time in addressing their falsehood and their lies against us, as this is a form of time-wasting by which the Innovators and Hizbees are punished, and by which they earn more sin. Alhamdulillaah, to date, no member has actually done this, indicating the reason and balance that is found with the members here. This is what the Hizbiyyeen are indulged in, of sitting, watching and observing until they can find something to attack the Salafees and then they post it on their boards, this being a form of punishment for them, which only wastes their time and hardens their hearts.

4. However, should any doubts need to be clarified, or claims that are made about SalafiTalk.Net, the Salafee aqeedah, da'wah, manhaj or the Scholars and those who invite to this da'wah, then that should be at the discretion of the Admin, who should be notified of such affairs privately. Then the Admin can consult with and notify the relevant people who are able to deal with these affairs that need clarifying, or can reach those from the people of knowledge who can clarify them, if it requires that, and subsequently make announcements of clarification, or request some of the members to clarify the affairs. The point here is to try and not to fall into the same punishment that is given to the Hizbiyyeen day-in and day-out, which is their time being wasted in idle chatter, and their hearts hardened by the qeel and qaal about the Salafees, for which they are famous. Alhamdulillah, as pointed out earlier, this has not happened on this board, and inshaa'allaah it will not happen.

5. The boards of misguidance are many, and amongst them is the board of the followers of Abdullah al-Farsee in Kuwait who is a confused, bewildered shaky individual, whose behaviour represents a pendulum clock, he makes takfir of someone, then the next day he recants (like he did with Abdur-Raheem at-Tahhaan), he makes tabdee' of someone, then the next day he recants, he refutes and vilifies his own Shaykh, then the next day he is back with him and his Jam'iyyah again, he refutes the Qutubiyyah (Safar and Salman) and then the next day he praises them and takes back his refutations. And this too reflects upon his followers, not having any sound principles or manhaj upon which their behaviour proceeds. And this board draws all of the hizbiyyoon who use it to attack the Salafees, so no attention should be given to them, and there is nothing more severe upon the hizbees than silence towards them and not turning to them. And also the board of ignorant hizbiyyoon and jealous, envious partisans, that is clear manifest misguidance, a board which contains takfir of the scholars of ahl us-sunnah, takfir of nation states, tabdee' of the scholars of ahl us-sunnah,  a board whose manhaj is a fusion of the thoughts of the ash'ari, mu'tazilees like Said Qutb and Maududi, and soofee, grave-venerating mufawwidhs, like Hasan al-Banna. Sufficient is that as a falsification of their claims to the Sunnah. The same board in which lyrics of the songs of the kuffar are relished, reflected and mused upon, and in which the avenues to shirk are allowed (the allowance of pictures of humans with faces), which is the starting point of shirk as explained by Ibn 'Abbaas (radiallaahu anhu), and many other great calamities, which collectively indicate the clear misguidance and humiliation of that board to any sane person. And indeed, those whose clear misguidance is more readily apparent are the ones who are most vocal against the people of truth so that their own apparent falsehood can be hidden and disguised. Also amongst these boards are those that claim attachment to the major scholars outwardly, but work to undermine them inwardly, and show one face to the scholars, and another face to those who truly follow the scholars here in the West.

6. The members of this board should be encouraged to use this board in order to:

a) learn Tawheed and what opposes it
b) learn Imaan and what nullifies it
c) learn about what Allaah has obligated upon them and what He has prohibited them from
d) learn about the ahkaam (rulings) of the various Ibaadaat (acts of worship) that are obligatory upon everyone
e) learn about the Sunnah and what opposes it
f) learn the Salafee manhaj and what opposes it
g) learn about the People of the Sunnah, and by way of them know the People of Innovation and misguidance, their beliefs, statements and methodologies and keep away from them
h) warn from those who are worthy of being warned against in order to safeguard unsuspecting Salafis from falling into the calls and traps of the hizbiyyoon in the West

And Allaah knows best.

SalafiTalk.Net Admin

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