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Posted By Topic: Al-Ma'ribee is Pure Ikhwani and is Not from Ahl us-Sunnah, He is to be Abandoned

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The following is a very quick point by point summary of the recording. You can listen to it at the end (link provided)

Question on why his scheduled lecture at Raas al-Khaimah (in the Emirates) on the subject of Tawheed was cancelled.


1. The lecture was on the subject of Tawheed, a tafseer of the verse in Surah An'aam 6:82, concerning "those who believe and do not mix their faith with dhulm (i.e. shirk)...". It was scheduled for 9.00pm but was delayed till 9:45pm (Emiratee time).

2. And before the final scheduled time (9.45pm) our student Ahmad ash-Shihhee contacted us, and he is responsible for the Markaz Umar Ibn al-Khattaab in Raas al-Khaimah, and he explained that this lecture was not facilitated for this night, and that the reason was that the followers of Abul-Hasan al-Misree (al-Ma'ribee), whose name is Mustafaa as-Sulaymaanee caused some commotion, problems for the Markaz. And the lecture was not on the subject of Abul-Hasan, or about his state or condition or about what has reached us about him. It was actually on the subject of Tawheed.

3. However, those with ta'assub (bigotry) to Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee were enraged by the bayaan (clarification) that was recorded of Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee. And I know its details. And that is what our view is (what we are upon). And likewise it is what the respected Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee is upon.

4. As for the speech concerning Abul-Hasan al-Misree then al-Ma'ribee, then towards each other we have had a number of stages. The first of which was the stage of advice to him, and on account of which a written statement was issued, and this was spread by the Internet and otherwise, and everybody became aware of it. The second stage was that of enquiries, and this came about as a result of those who people who stir in the murky waters (i.e. cause trouble) and they described our statement with evil descriptions and claimed that there was khilaaf (difference) between us and Shaykh Rabee bin Haadee. The third stage was that we followed up (i.e. researched) what was written by the respected Shaykh Rabee' bin Haadee al-Madkhalee concerning Abul-Hasan, and we looked at it with very great and profound detail. And we call Allaah to witness and then the Angels to witness and you to witness that if Shaykh Rabee' had erred concerning Abul-Hasan we would have refuted him (in what he had erred from his criticism). Rather everything that Shaykh Rabee has written, is the truth, whether that be concerning his book "as-Siraaj al-Wahhaaj", and what has been called by "al-mujmal wal-mufassal" by Abul-Hasan, and also his position on Akhbaar ul-Aahaad...

5. A few days ago we received a cassette, which contains great evil. He was asked by a man about the Jamaa'aat of Tabligh, Ikhwan and Jihaad. And he responded that Jamaa'at ul-Ikhwaan in Yemen, the differences between them are within Ahl us-Sunnah, and they do not exit from the Saved Sect - and other such affairs he mentioned, in which he used talbees (deception) and trickery upon those whom were present. And it seems that the man, we have already advised him, and he does not benefit from advice.

6. Thus, it is upon us to forget him, to abandon him, leave him, boycott him, up until he repents. And I will write to the Shaykhs and students of knowledge in Yemen (then he lists their names) and call them to what I have stated here, in order to strengthen them and their position, also that of Shaykh Rabee'. And secondly, in order to aid and assist the people of the Sunnah, in Yemen. And thirdly, as a reply to the questions that have been put to us from Saudi, Emirates, the Gulf States, Yemen, the Arab states, Shaam, Egypt, Europe and America, so that it becomes clear that the man is not from Ahl us-Sunnah, due to his corrupt manhaj, and that which is affirmed and established with me is that the man is a pure Ikhwani (Ikhwani of flesh), one who devises plots (maakir), one who plays around (la''aab), and one who has been sent, or planted ( madsoos) amongst the Shaykhs of Yemen, in order to split their word, and to turn them into sects and groups.

7. This is what has been easy for me to explain. And this is on account of two reasons, firstly those with ta'assub towards him, who delayed my talk, and secondly, the condition of this man, Abul-Hasan Mustafaa as-Sulaymaanee al-Misree al-M'aribee. And we advise cutting off from him, until he repents, from everything that he fell into of error, and then spreads this repentance, and that this repentance is recorded.

Question: What about those who caused commotion about the talk. Shall we cut off from them.

Answer: Yes, no doubt. First of all advise them, and explain to them that they resemble the Kuffar and that the way they took was from the ways of demonstrations, and commotions. They were causing commotion about a lecture on Tawheed. Otherwise, we are not from them and they are not from us. And Ahmad ash-Shihhee informed me that they are mushawwishoon, and amongst them is Abu Sulaymaan al-Leebee.

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I think you forgot to mention whose words these are. These are the words of Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree.

The audio is here:

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sp admin adds....
With this we also advise all those people with ta'assub to Abul-Hasan that they repent and return to the truth, and this includes those who were opening paltalk rooms in defamation of the scholars and students of knowledge who exposed al-Ma'ribee's evil plots, and including those who defend al-M'aribee after the jarh mufassar is as clear to the eye as is the daylight, and including those who are still trying to make al-muwaazanah for al-M'aribee by bringing praises from other scholars. We advise all of them to repent and leave these ways and instead work to join the ranks of Ahl us-Sunnah.

The Shaykhs of Madinah, Muhammad bin Haadee, Saalih as-Suhaymeen, Ubayd al-Jaabiree and others are with Shaykh Rabee'. Inshaa'allaah it is only a matter of time until the reality is made clear to Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin (hafidhahullaah) about the true reality of al-Ma'ribee and what his real orientation is, and then will come the real humiliation of the hizbiyyeen, who at this moment in time are waging a severe war against the Salafees, and have won the support of the Qutubis, Ikhwanis, Surooris, and other Hizbees, to help and support them in this.

And lastly we would like to ask those who claimed whilst speaking on Paltalk that they were waiting for the Scholars of Madinah, What are you going to say now?

Are you going to play games and once again try and fool the salafi youth!

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Imaam ash-Shaatibee (rahimahullaah) explains under a chapter heading concerning the terms "Ahl ul-Ahwaa and Ahl ul-Bid'ah" that this is applied to the following:

1.  The original Inventor, Innovator (mukhtari') of the innovation

2. Those who defend it, and argue for it, and make istidlaal (extract evidence) for it. They enter into Ahl ul-Ahwaa and Ahl ul-Bid'ah as well.

As for the common people who follow these people, then under this chapter heading ash-Shaatibee says that they are not considered to be Ahl ul-Ahwaa from this angle, as they are making ittibaa' of those whom they think are worthy of being followed.

However, further on, he explains that one who seeks to justify the innovation, in either a general way or a specific way, then he is counted as one who follows the Ahwaa.

Therefore the common people enter into this if they fall into this. This is for example those who seek to justify what they are upon by arguing that their Shaikhs are upon this, so how can it be wrong. So this is a general way of seeking proof.

And this is likened by ash-Shaatibee to the Mushriks who said that they found their forefathers upon this way, so whey should they leave their Shirk etc. They tried to justify their Shirk in this way, by argument that their forefathers followed it. So sometimes the common people do this. This is like some people from the Asharees who say, but so and so scholar and so and so scholar was Ashari, and then they seek to justify their innovation in this way. This is seeking proof in a general way. And this is the way of some of the common people who have no knowledge, Thus by way of this they enter into Ahl ul-Ahwaa.

Hence, we have three groups

1. The original innovator, inventor who bring innovations in aqeedah or manhaj, in the Usool.

2. Those who actively make istidlaal for the bid'ah, and defend it and justify it and call to it, and take it is a path to be followed and present it as such.

3. The general people who follow it and are upon it, considering it to be correct. So amongst them are those who may make a general istidlaal for it and others who may not.

The first two are Ahl ul-Ahwaa and the third group, if they make istidlaal for the bid'ah if that be in a general way, then they too enter into Ahl ul-Ahwaa.

The position with respect to each one of them:

1. The first group are openly refuted, exposed, the people are called to boycott them, abandon them, they are disparaged, and their true condition made clear and their opposition to the Sunnah and Jamaa'ah made famous, in all parts of the earth, in order to preserve the capital of Islaam.

2. The second group are also warned against and they are treated like the first, and they are boycotted and not mixed with.

3. The third group, the common people, then in general they are not mixed with out of intimacy or close friendship. And mixing with them should only be for the sake of calling them to the truth. So generally they are avoided and the one who mixes with them, then there are two conditions, the first of which is that he has ilm and baseerah in whatever he is correcting them on, and secondly, the reason for mixing with them is to call them to the truth and to leave what they are upon of falsehood. So they are mixed with for this purpose, until either they return, or it becomes clear that they persist in falsehood. Here it is required that they be abandoned and left. Mixing with them, and not correcting them, knowing they are upon falsehood, is a form of dishonesty and insincerity towards them.

To put this into context:

1. Abul-Hasan al-Misree is an Innovator, and this has preceded from the people of knowledge. Hence, the rulings of the Innovator fall upon him.

2. Those who make istidlaal for his manhaj, and call to it, then they are put alongside him and are warned against. This warning however, or command for warning, must come from the scholars. And in this case, it already has.

3. The common people who are upon confusion in this affair, and who might consider Abul-Hasan to be upon the truth, then in general they are not mixed with out of intimacy, but they are mixed with in order to advise them, correct them, teach them, and to remove the doubts, and this is done with kindness and gentleness, and sometimes harshness has its place, if it is appropriate for that person and it proves more effective than being soft, however the beginning point is gentleness. Then they either show willingness to return and adhere to the scholars and make their position clear, or they persist in their confusion and misguidance and display hizbiyyah upon other than the truth. In this case they are left and abandoned.

However, another point needs to be added here, is that ash-Shaatibee also differentiates the levels of seriousness of the Innovation and the implication of the one upon it, and amongst them is the issue of the innovation being hidden or apparent (i.e. being hard, difficult, deep, or being easy, clear, open, manifest). And this differs from person to person. So for example to someone like Abul-Hasan al-Misree, the issues in which he has been refuted are not difficult issues. He knows he made false principles and he has been refuted and exposed. And now he is just following hawaa in tryig to cover himself. But for other people, common people the affair is not like that, and even some of the students of knowledge. Thus, it is upon them to make Ittibaa' of the major scholars who have refuted this man, and this is not from taqleed. This is to clarify the point that someone might say, "But this is a difficult issue that many people will not be able to research and look into, so how can you blame them and hold a position against them", then the reply is that they are not tasked to research into everything, especially when they are not qualified and fit and do not have the means to begin with. Rather it is upon them to make Ittibaa' of the scholars, the major scholars, and if they claim that they are still confused, even after the truth has been made clear by a large number of scholars, then they are blameworthy for this. Since, how can they leave what is explained by a large group of scholars, and then still claim they are confused.

And this is not considered taqleed, even though Abul Hasan and his followers are trying to scare people away from the judgements of the scholars by using this weapon of the accusation of taqleed. The scholars have already refuted it.

Maybe this clarifies the questions you have raised. And maybe other brothers can add insha'allah.

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Sheikh al Banna continued to deliver his explanation of usool as-Sittah in his masjid on Sunday last and asked to have a sitting afterwards to mention what happened when Abul Hasan saw him in the haram last week. This sitting is taped and will be on sahab inshaallaah. The sheikh argued with him and admonished him for the fitnah that he has caused in spreading his doubts and confusions as well as his new innovated principles. The tape is not long but enough to clarify for those still confused.

Sheikh Rabee', the Imaam of Jarh wa Ta'deel, Sadaqa Al Albaani rahimahullah

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As Salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah
Can you please give contact information on Ahmah Ash Shihhee in Raas al Khaimah, UAE and the location of Markaz 'Umar? Is Abdul-Baari al Hind still considered a mustafeed student of Shaykh Rabi', hafithuhullah? Are there any other students of the shuyook here in the Emirates? If so , who are they and how can they be contacted?

Jazakullah khairan
Umm Ridwan F. bint Abdul-Malik fee Emaraat

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Asaalamu 'alaykum wa rahmathullaahi wa barakaathuhu

Also, the link to the talk in this thread is down. Is it possible for the brothers from spubs to put it back up or someone to upload it if possible.

Jazakumullaahu khair

Wa salaam

Subhaanakallaah humma wa bi Hamdika Ashadu allaa ilaha illa ant, astaghfiruka wa atooba ilayk

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