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Posted By Topic: Abu Usamah Dhahabi's False Bayan

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O Aba Usamah! Return.

The falseness of this man never ceases to amaze me. I hope that Allah guides him. I pray that he sees the error of his ways and sees the trial that he has become for the people.

He has been asked, rightly and truthfully, to retract for his errors and attacks upon the major scholars, but he refuses and instead reels off abuse at the Salafis who have shown the errors to him.

This individual has a history littered with errors and weak stances and opposition to manhaj. Just to give a few examples,

i. This individual caused confusion in the USA and the UK with his closeness and promotion of Jamia Ihya Turath Al Islami of Kuwait in the mid nineties. Even after the affair was made clear he continued with them (Shaikh Rabee', Shaikh Muqbil and many others refuted them but that was not good enough for him). His love of money and and agreement with their hizbiah caused him to continue to work with them for years. Wherever he went, he took his confusion with him. Eventually, he forced himself to leave, years after all the other clear Salafis.

ii. This man regarded Dr Suhaib Hasan, the hizbi, ikhwani to be a scholar of repute and promoted and pushed him in front of the people even after the affair of Suhaib Hasan was made clear by many of the ulema like Shaikh Muqbil and Shaikh Rabi'. Eventually, he forced himself to leave, years after all the other clear Salafis.

iii. He defended and promoted the hizbi Abu Aliyah Surkhil even after Abu Aliyah was exposed for his evil. Again he left years after the clear Salafis.

iv. Two years ago he gave a khutba in which he cursed the rulers and spoke ill of them and even called them supporters of the devils. This was in time when he claimed to be upon Salafiah, with the ulema of this dawa. Claiming that he was always with them!

He said that he had recanted from that. If any sane person who knows the basics of this dawa was to read his 'retraction', would see that he is no more than a trickster trying to dodge his way around the important issues and his own evil.

In his 'retraction', instead of truly retracting and making tawba and thanking the brothers who showed him his error and apologizing, he goes ahead and brings out the 'errors' of the Muhadith of Yemen, Muqbil Ibn Hadi. This was nothing more than a 'shock tactic' as is always his way, to wriggle out of his own mess. Noone asked him to mention Shaikh Muqbil, rahimahullah, let alone expose to the people in the West, the 'so-called' previous statements of the Shaikh!

Abu Usamah should fear Allah and stop playing politics with this dawa.

He must come and retract openly and clearly, as his evil speech, was open and clear in front of the people. Leave the tricks and symantics, just come out and be remorseful for your evil backbiting and lying upon some of the noble rulers of Saudi Arabia about whome noone would speak about except a wretched Kharji who as Shaikh Fawzan correctly stated has with him jealousy and signs of hypocrisy.

As for making false comparisons between himself and Shaikh Muqbil, then this is nothing but treachery. Shaikh Muqbil was a mujtahid Imam, YOU are not. Shaikh Muqbil is rewarded for his ijtihad, inshallah. YOU are not. You knew very well that that it is not allowed to attack or speak against the muslim rulers, yet you still did, so the position of Shaikh Muqbil had no relevance. Even if you want to claim, for the sake of your twisted argument, that you took the position of Shaikh Muqbil, then why did you not restrict yourself to his words alone.

Additionally, we all know that Shaikh Muqbil retracted and held before his death that the Rulers of Saudi Arabia were in fact upon correct Islam. And if you used Shaikh Muqbil as an example of a tawba of one who was in error and then retracted, then your example is false. Since Shaikh Muqbil held by way of ijtahad that what he was saying was permissible. Whereas YOU KNEW from years that it was haram to make these evil statements.

So again, simply what is required is a remorseful, sincere retraction and tawba and apology. No meandering around the issues like a twisting river around mountains.

So do not say you retracted, and you are being forced to retract again, since your original statement was no more than a political farse!

v. Abu Usamah made statements on other tapes ('the tasfir of Sura Baqara') stating that King Fahad is a dhalim (oppressor). These were from his days in Brixton.

vi. His continued in his defence of Al-Hidayah (hizbi) publications, working with them, going to them, praising them even after their affair was made clear by the Salafi duat and the scholars. He's probably still with them since it seems his manhaj is based upon 'who can help me today'.

vii. His open continued defence of Abu Muslimah after he was exposed by the scholars. Eventually, he forced himself to make matters clear, years after all the other clear Salafis and their scholars.

viii. His participating with 'Amir' Adly and 'Deputy Amir' Abu Muslimah's sectarian organisation.

ix. His attacks and dispraising and mocking Shaikh Rabi ibn Hadi. Still we see no retraction, instead just attacking the clear Salafis, accusing them of taqleed and ta'assub.

x. His defence of the innovator Abul-Hasan Misri, till this day.

xi. His promotion of ignorance in the field of Jarh wa ta'dil and calling it taqlid!

xii. His latest attacks upon the Salafis in his part 1 'bayan', falsely accusing them in their knowledge. Mocking them due to their correct stances. Mocking them due to their quoting from the scholars.

Rather, with all of this, he has only made a mockery of himself and shown his insincerety towards salafiah and the Salafis.

xiii. His defence and praisworthy notes on the email of Jibaly a few years ago when Jibaly attacked the salafis and mocked them and falsely maligned the honor of the Salafi ulema. How Abu Usamah rejoiced in that and praised Jibaly for his bravery in this issue. No retraction from Abu Usamah till this day. And example of his manhaj of: 'if I remain quiet, maybe they'll forget!'.

xiv. His unity with the likes of the jama'ah of Abul-Hasan Misri in the West, the likes of Abdul-Qadir Baksh al-Kadhab, Zahid and others.

All of this in his attempt and the attempt of his jama'ah to cut the people off from their major scholars and to promote leniency towards ahlul-bid'ah and to raise themselves and make themselves the reference point in the West. But the Salafis in the West are not fooled by you and your hizb, except the one who is jahil or the one who is a follower of desires.

So upon him is show positive steps towards his Salafi brothers and be sincere and honest. No more games please.


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al-Bayaanu adh-Dhalaalu

Assalaamu 'alaykum

I thank you brothers and sisters for posting the Bayaanu adh-Dhalaalu of Abu Usaamah.  Some brothers asked me to do a rud on it but I think it speaks for itself and for those who are still confused we ask Allah to guide them.  That is why it is called al-Bayaanu adh-Dhalaalu because in it he clearly exposed himself.  May Allah reward you brothers and sister for indeed this is a Jihaad.  


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When the "Amir of the Salafees in the US" affair jumped off with Abu Mufsidah and the Ikhwaanee Hizbee Muta'aalim Sayed Adly I wrote an email refuting it.

After writing the email Abu Usamah contacts me.  I told him these affairs must be taken back to the Kibaar.

His response:

"We do not need to take every single issue back to the Scholars."  

This statement if said to a laymen will of course open the door to confusion and belittlement of the Scholars.  

So as far as I know this has been his manhaj for some time now as this statement was made in 1998.

Imaam al-Hasan al-Basree said, when he came across a group of people disputing:

?These ones have become tired of worship, speaking has become easy for them, and their piety has diminished, and that is why they talk.?

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