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16-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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Aslaamu alaykum.

There is a brother from Luton (Abdul-Qaadir Baksh) who Shaykh Faaleh al-Harbee has refuted and called a "hizbee, Affaak, Dajjaal, Kadhhaab" amongst other things, who has taken upon himself to single out an attack against myself. This in itself is not a problem for me if it was truthful and honest, since the truth is beloved to me and if I have opposed the manhaj or the aqeedah or even some masaa'il in fiqh, then I am willing to make tawbah and repent to my Lord openly and in front of the people - especially if my error was open.

However, as usual, they follow in the path of the Suroorees and other hizbees, in their attacks upon the Salafis - plotting and planning with evil motives. May Allaah guide them.

So now they claim that they have a tape of mine where I am supposed to have made some statements which they dislike. So before we continue, let us ask:

1. The tapes of Abu Khadeejah are well known and distributed. (may Allaah make them a cause for my entry into Jannah). So what is the title of the taped lecture that you are quoting from?

2. If it is not a normal taped lecture of mine, which I know it is not, then how did they get my speech on tape - or are they narrating my speech from memory?

If they have me on tape talking to one of them, then this is spying and they have recorded me without my permission.  

One of them (his name is Abdur-Rahmaan) phoned me and asked me questions about Abdul-Qaadir on my mobile phone whilst I was driving my car several months ago. Was he recording me without my knowledge? Let them answer.

Another one of them phoned Hasan As-Somaalee and asked him questions - so did they record him as well?

If however, these hizbiyyoon have a taped lecture, then bring it. If you have a secret recording, then likewise bring it - and you will be exposed for the crookedness in your characters and your deen.

As for me, then my position is clear. It is the same as the position of the noble Shaykh, Abu Anas Hamad Al-Uthmaan (hafidhahullaah). And that is that Abdul-Qaadir is a liar, who is persistent in his lies. The noble Shaykh realised this after sitting with Abdul-Qaadir many times over a couple of years. He lied to the Shaykh and the Shaykh realised that Abdul-Qaadir was a deciever - as Shaykh Abu Anas informed Ahmad Sharaah Al-Kuwaitee and Abu Ishaaq al-Leebee in my house only 11 months ago.

This is not something that Shaykh Abu Anas took from myself or Abu Talha or Abu Junayd or the rest of the brothers - but rather this was something Shaykh Abu Anas saw from Abdul-Qaadir himself.

As for ourselves, then Abu Talha Dawood Burbank has narrated many times to those who ask him, that Abdul-Qaadir is a liar and he lied to him in his house and upon the phone. All of this lying to destroy other Salafis and remove them from their positions in the da'wah.

He has lied to the people in Luton like Shakeel as-Salafee, who used to be THE closest brother to Abdul-Qaadir. So when Shakeel saw the errors of Abdul-Qaadir and tried to advise him as a sincere Salafi brother, Abdul-Qaadir turned his back upon Shakeel and started warning against the one who was from those who helped to establish the Salafi da'wah in Luton.

So it is sufficient for us, that these noble Salafis hold Abdul-Qaadir to be a liar who needs to correct his soul and purify it.

Further, the lies of this individual sill continue. Take for example the difference between his version of events that took place in Shaykh Rabee's house and the version that Abu Usaamah Dhahabi reported, supposedly from the same sitting. Both of them gave lectures on Paltalk describing the sitting with Shaykh Rabee'.

Also how Abdul-Qaadir lied regarding Shaykh 'Ubayd and the Brixton contract. See the post of "Sulaifi" in this forum on Abdul-Qaadir. Why did you claim that Shaykh 'Ubayd was lied to? Rather it is you who has lied upon the brothers and Shaykh 'Ubayd. So times may change, but your character has not changed.

So why single me out with your lies and deception, O Abdal-Qaadir?

Your problem is much worse than me. You need to listen to the tape of the 'Aalim Shaykh Faaleh Al-Harbee, hafidhahullaah, upon you... And you will see that your manhaj is corrupted and that you have opposed, rather fought against the salafi Manhaj - (I hope that some brothers will soon make this tape available for the people at large).

As for me, then I have more important matters to deal with than Abdul-Qaadir. The Words of Shaykh Faalih al-Harbee are sufficient for the people of truth.


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