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» What is the man who wishes to marry a woman allowed to see of her?
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Posted By Topic: What is the man who wishes to marry a woman allowed to see of her?

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Abu Yuusha' Lougain ibn Bogdan (London, UK)
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As salaamu alaikum

When Sheikh al Albaanee was asked this question, he replied (loosely translated, please double check) that there are two ways of looking at the woman.

The first method is done in a meeting where her wali is present. Here the man is allowed to see of her only that which she is allowed to have uncovered in front of non-mahrams, namely her face and her hands.

The second method the man is allowed a "prescribed sneak peek" by way of hiding himself and looking at her without her knowledge until he sees what he manages to see and this can be done without limitation.

>>> Silsilat ul huda wan nur (593)

My question is pertaining those that hold the opinion that the man is allowed to see the hair or the shape of the body of the woman during the meeting. This is sometimes done by asking the sister to pull her jilbaab back so that the outline of her body is seen due to the tighter fit of the material. With regards to the hair, then basically to remove the part of the hijaab that covers the head to reveal the hair.

I have never heard any proof from the Qur'aan and Sunnah or that this was practiced by the salaf or even any saying from a scholar with regards to this issue but would like to understand more about this due to such meetings taking place and having been asked to find out more about it. Don't worry, I'm not here to argue, I just want to see the other opinion's proof.

If somebody knows anything with regards to this issue, please post something on it even if it is only in Arabic as I have somebody else that can translate it for me.

Barakallaahu feekum


I have since found a fatwa by Sheikh Uthaymeen where he allows seeing the feet and knees but it didn't contain any daleel. Somebody told me that the feet/legs opinion is based on surat an naml where the queen of sheba raises her clothes to avoid getting them wet (as she believed the floor was a pool of water) also, there is allegedly a hadeeth where Umar wanted to marry Ali's daughter radhiallaahu anhuma ajmaeen. Ali then sent his daughter to Umar with dates and Umar then saw some part of her leg. I don't know where the hadeeth is so perhaps somebody that knows it could post it.

however the issue of pulling back the jilbaab is still unclear

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Aboo Haaroon Husayn Ahmad ibn Jamal (West Palm Beach, FL USA)
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Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,

These issues along with other issues surrounding marriage were addressed by our brother Abul Abbaas Moosaa Richardson during the 2010 Summer Islamic Courses.

The fiqh surrounding the proper way to seek marriage and the limits regarding seeing the one intended (and its conditions) were mentioned in detail in the Fiqh/Tafseer series:

'Fiqh/Tafseer Course - Summer 2010 (10 MP3s)

The specific MP3 file from it with the information you're looking for is:

MR37.4 The Marriage Contract (part 2)

If you do not want to get the whole MP3 set (which is immensely beneficial), maybe you can contact and ask if you can get that file.

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