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Posted By Topic: Shaykh Fawzan on "tawriyah"

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Abu Ubaid Ali bin Nathaniel Grays (Cairo, Egypt)
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             In the Name of Allaah, Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem

Questioner: Is tawriyah permissible or is it considered from the minor sins?

Shaikh Fawzan: "At-Tawriyah is making something appear in contrast to what it really is. If he intends to escape oppression (by this tawriyah) then there is no objection. Like, if he has some money and an oppressive person approaches him wanting to take the money, so he says this money belongs to Fulaan, and he intends to free himself from this oppressor then there is no objection to this. However, if he doesn't intend to escape (possible oppression) but wants to act unjustly toward the people, and this at-tawriyah contains acting unjustly toward the people and oppressing the people, then verily it is not permissible and it is from lying."  And Allaah knows best


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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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