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sajid_chauhan_81    -- 04-25-2009 @ 12:26 AM
  Formal refutations on the innovators are not permissible except for those whom have knowledge of the Sunnah and the Bid'ah [innovations]. Perhaps you can recall with me the narration about Hudhaifah ibn Al-Yamaan, in the two Sahihs [Bukhaari and Muslim], when he said:
"The people used to ask The Messenger of Allah (Sallah Allahu 'Alaihe wa Sallam) about 'The good'; I used to ask him about 'The evil', in fear that I may fall into it."

As the poet has said:
I have become familiar with evil as to not engage in it
For those whom don't know good from evil may fall into it.

So, those whom are knowledgeable about both good and evil, like Hudhaifah ibn Al- Yamaan, and are in this age, familiar with The Sunnah; then, that person should follow it, and command people to follow it; also, those knowledgeable about innovations, should avoid them, and warn people against them; [however], that is for those people whom are capable of debating the people of innovation.

As for those whom have acquired only very little knowledge, like some of our brothers, and then enter debates with those [innovators] that have more knowledge than them -even if their knowledge is tarnished with perversions or over-analysis of linguistics - like we've said previously, we advise these individuals to safeguard themselves, and to avoid the innovators, and to never debate them, because, their hearts may become affected by their perversions, as with the question that you heard
at the beginning of this sitting, and its reply. They [the innovators] listen to everyone, the mellow and the strident, so that the perversion can attach itself to the flesh of the listener, until Allah makes accessible for him [the effected listener] a scholar that will
rid him of this perversion [by teaching him]. For that reason, the quotes from our elder righteous scholars, such as Malik, Ahmad, and other than them, all used to warn about sitting with the people of innovation; furthermore, they used to promote and command of boycotting them, in fear that their perversions may find their way into their hearts.

This I think answers your question, and the other question for this
assembly with Allah's permission and as long as we remain sincere and mindful firstly about acquiring beneficial, pure knowledge, from The Book of Allah and The Sunnah of His Messenger (Sallah Allahu 'Alaihe wa Sallam) and upon the methodology of The Salaf, and also we should be mindful over acting upon that which we've learned; and then after that asking Allah ('Aza wa Jall) to enable us and to increase us and you with [more] knowledge.

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