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Malik.Swift    -- 04-23-2003 @ 12:00 AM
  As Salaam Alaikum

I am a regular brother who accepts from the brothers with Ilm and usually won't comment about alhlil-batil and shubahat on a public forum such as this.  However, I was a little taken aback when my wife told me about a new bayan that a sister (who is not salafi and probably don't know much deen) sent her from abo-usamah.  I am not going to comment about the substance of said bayan. However, I would like to warn the brothers who don't already know, that a trap is being laid for muslims who don't know much about the Dawah or a weapon is being created for the enemies of the dawah.  This weapon is a website called [removed by admin] marauding as to confuse those who do not know.  

This website is disparaging the salafies and aiding the pretenders, and those with shubahat.  Furthermore, it appears to be a trademark infringement against salafipublication.  So I hope the brothers at shut down the pretenders who attempt to cause harm to the dawah and to their efforts.

Just say no to [----------]and say yes to and

Just letting the brothers. Know.

Malik Swift As-Salafee Al-Chicagee in Indianapolis, IN.

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