Topic: Is Ali Hasan Really a Student of Al-Albnai??

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  Is Ali Halabi Really a Student of Shaykh Al-Albani?
Ubayd Jabiree (may Allah bless him)

Questioner: Oh Shaykh, We study the books written by Shaykh Al-Albani (may Allah have mercy him) . Sometimes there are some issues that cause us confusion. For those issues should we ask Shaykh Ali Hasan Abdul Hameed; as he was a student...

Shaykh Ubayd: He interrupts.. No! No! He isn't a suitable person to go ask. This is because he isn't one of Al-Albani's students.  When Shaykh Nasirud Deen Al-Albani was in Sham: Syria, He used to have students. However when he moved to Jordan he didn't have any students. While residing in Jordan he didn't teach. Some brothers used to sit with him only.

Questioner: Yeah, Oh Shaykh we  heard that he remained with the Shaykh and benefitted from him for around twenty-five years.

Shaykh: No, He didnýt cling to Shaykh Al-Albani! This is a lie. This speech is incorrect. Rather, he occasionally used to visit the Shaykh like others.

Questioner:  Oh, Shaykh who do you advise us to ask questions to?

Shaykh: By Allah, may Allah bless you. Ask those who are firm in their religion and trustworthy from the people of knowledge. Ask the people of knowledge who have knowledge and understanding.

Questioner: So, does this mean that we donýt return our affairs to Shaykh Ali?

Shaykh Ubaid: Wallahi, I don't believe you should return your affairs to a man that has begun to act rash and commingle (with Ahul bid'ah)

Questioner: Allahýs help is sought! May Allah reward you Shaykh.

Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Lamont Battle Jr.- Adam
Doha, Qatar 1431
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