Topic: Sheikh AlAlaamah Rabee Ibn Haadee refusal of appearing on Television for daıwah purposes and his position in regards to the ruling of thisı

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  Sheikh AlAlaamah Rabee Ibn Haadee refusal of appearing on Television for daıwah purposes and his position in regards to the ruling of this:

Sheikh Khaalid Ad-Dhufairi mentions about Sheikh Rabee:

First Situation: Shaariqah TV channel called the Sheikh so that he could come and do a seminar or have a discussion on TV, so the Sheikh thanked them and clarified to them the impermissibility of pictures and spoke to them for roughly a third of an hour only speaking about the issue of pictures and its impermissibilty and excused himself from compliance to their request.

Second Situation: I was with the Sheikh on our way to the Islamic University for a lecture that two scholars from the well known scholars (scholars identities werenıt mentioned) where giving, so before he came out of the car I saw the Saudi TV car outside so I informed the Sheikh and he said go and look to see if there are any pictures there (meaning any video cameras and the like), so I looked and there where video cameras and pictures present so I went and informed the Sheikh so he said lets go home and refused to attend the lecture, and then after some time he called those that were giving the lecture and renounced them (for appearing infront of the video cameras).

Sheikh Rabee in a sitting with the committee of the major Scholars and him making apparent his position in regards to Scholars appearing on TV:

Sheikh Maahir bin Dhaafir AlQahtaanee said: The Sheikh the Waalid Rabee informed me that the eminent Sheikh AbdulAzeez ibn Baaz called the Sheikh (Sheikh Rabee) to the sitting of the committee of the major Scholars so that they could discuss affairs of knowledge, and in the sitting at that time the conversation was about the issue of the appearing of some of the Scholars on TV, so Sheikh AbdulAzeez  sat with Sheikh Rabee and the other Mashaayikh so the discussion about this affair (appearing on TV) was opened and circulated in way that some of those who were present saw the permissibility of appearing on TV like Sheikh Rabee informed me, so his eminence Sheikh AbulAzeez Ibn Baaz said to Sheikh Rabee: speak about this affair. So Sheikh Rabee stood-may Allah raise his status- speaking the truth that he believed and he was not discouraged by the veneration of the sitting nor those who opposed him and said: I donıt see the permissibility of Mashaayikh appearing on TV and its upon them to preserve there prestige and there standing by leaving appearing on TV, and limiting themselves to Nuur ıAlaa Darb.

Some of the Mashaayikh favoured the Sheikhs position and from them was Sheikh Saalih Al-luhaydaan ımay Allah preserve him- like sheikh Rabee informed me and he said to me: ıAnd I became aware of the Sheikhs status that dayı

Nuur Alaa Darb :- A daily radio show in which questions are asked the major scholars

Al Ibraaz Li Aqwaalil Ulamaa Fee Hukmil Tilfaaz page 33-34

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