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  RE: New posting for an Imaam Position at the Masjid as-Sunnah, Bradford, UK

Job Description

Position: Full-time Imaam

Location: Masjid As-Sunnah, off Great Horton Road, Bradford 7

Country: UK

Employer: Albaseerah Bradford


Reference: Imaam1Mas

Application deadline: 20th May 2011

Contract duration: 1 year (renewable)

Start date: TBC

About us:

Albaseerah Bradford are looking for an Imaam for the newly acquired Masjid as-Sunnah. Located in Bradford, UK, Masjid as-Sunnah aims to become the centre for the Muslims in the North offering a welcoming place of worship as well as an Islamic Day Nursery, Primary school, Library and centre for learning.

Specific duties:
  • Lead the 5 daily prayers at their appointed time.
  • Conduct regular Qurżan classes for children within the community.
  • Lead the Taraweeh prayers in the month of Ramadaan.
  • Deliver Jumużah and Eid sermons.
  • Conduct funeral services and preparation for burial.

General duties and expectations:
  • Must be fully aquainted with the basic rulings as it relates to the 5 daily prayers, jumuah,
    taraaweeh etc. (e.g. the pillars and conditions of the prayer, nullifiers
    of the prayer, what do do in the case of forgetfulness, rulings of jumuah
  • Expected to work 40 hours a week and longer during Ramadaan.
  • Expected to be available during office hours.
  • Must have good manners and communication skills and interact with the
    people with gentleness and good character.
  • Should be able to speak English at a proficient level.
  • Must hold a valid UK British Passport.
  • To carry out any other duties as required by the Masjid Commitee, which
    are reasonable in terms of the nature and level of the post.

How to apply:

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by sending their CV to You must include 2 references from a reputable Islamic Centre.    -- 25-04-2011 @ 8:56 AM
  AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah. We felt that it has been a long time since we provided pictures of the new building. The following pictures were taken a couple of days ago:



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