Topic: Software developer and tailor / dressmaker looking for hijrah opportunities

abuhudhayfa.ger    -- 07-25-2009 @ 2:50 PM
  salam alykom wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

We are from germany and looking for hijrah opportunities in different countries. I am a german national and software developer specialized in web development and my wife is a tailor / dressmaker for women clothes, educated in germany. we would like to stay close to the salafi scholars, inshaAllah, preferably we look for opportunities in saudi arabia, yemen or kuwait, since this are the places which I know who have some lessons going on. other places are also welcome.

please write me to if you have any information that could be useful for us.

I will remove this post after we could perform a hijrah, inshaAllah. so please feel free to write any time. inshaAllah.

barakallahu fiek

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