Topic: Saudi dealing with angry jihadi youth

Lougain    -- 10-11-2008 @ 9:30 PM
  As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah

Interesting article from the New York Times

Deprogramming Jihadists

Sa'ad-wes    -- 18-10-2009 @ 12:20 PM
  al hamduillah now im understandinng more and more everyday on the way saudi government is and i used to think they were bad till i got on the dawah and now i have a whole new outlook on saudi arabia may allah reward the brother in that classroom that is teaching

jazak allah khair, Sa'ad As-Salafi

dawud-ASWJ    -- 28-10-2009 @ 6:00 PM
  me too bro, I used to be anti saudi till I got onto the salafi dawah and now Alhamdulillah I think very differently.

They are doing many good and commendable things and its clear to me after reviewing evidences that boycotts and protests are for the west, guerilla fighting is for the communists, standing behind your emir and having patience and calling to worship one god and obey the commands of allah swt is for the muslims and allah has commanded us to obey the rulers and avoid disent and rebellion as it only causes fitnah and oppression. And allah subhanahu wa t'ala knows what is best for his creation. Those who wish to engage heavily in politics in the manner that the kuffar do are only following their desires. They make takfeer of rulers as they say they are not good enough rulers, just as the khawarij also said ali (raa) and uthmaan (raa) were not good rulers, and we all w what came out of that affair. I'm convinced this dawah is the haqh and if everyone could see it the ummah would be strong

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