Topic: Bomb attempts and their evil consequences

sajid_chauhan_81    -- 13-03-2011 @ 8:41 PM

What is the ruling concerning bomb attempts and suicide operations in Algeria particularly and in other Muslim countries in general?

And what is the ruling regarding the destruction of the disbelievers' installations and terrorizing them in the their own countries and in those of Muslims with a disregard for the instigators of such operations? Is that deed considered a Jihad in the Cause of Allah if the authors are Muslims?

Provide us, may Allah reward you with what is best. We hope to have the issue founded, detailed and with evidence as you always do for us.


Some excerpts from the conclusion of the answer by Shaykh Ferkous hafidhahullaah
The task of calling people to Allah with sure knowledge, patience and perseverance with it, is surely the greatest jihad in the cause of Allah. Ibn Al-Qayyim -رحمه الله - stated that the jihad with argument and speech precedes the jihad with the sword and spear, in saying: "This jihad is that of the followers of the Prophets. It is also the jihad of the Imams and is better of the two owing to its great benefits, intense spiritual capital and a great number of enemies"[15]. Yahya Ibn Yahya, the sheikh of Al-Bukhaari said: "The defense of the Sunna is better than the jihad in the cause of Allah"[16]. Abu  'Ubayd Al-Qaassim Ibn Sallaam stated: "The one who holds fast to the Sunna is like the one who holds embers tight in one's hand. And for me he is today better than striking swords in the cause of Allah"[17]
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